Monday, April 26, 2010

How We Met

Friday's Show Us Your Life was "How You Met Your Husband." I didn't have to time to blog about it then but I am doing it now. Better late than never.

FBC Rockwall was the place where it all started. I joined the church in 2005 and Brian had been a member there for a while. I began getting involved in our Twentysomething Sunday School Class and Brian was helping teach the college Sunday School class. We were acquantances for a while and attended different church things together like Rangers games, bible study, etc...

In the beginning of 2007 we began hanging out with a smaller group of friends and enjoyed getting together a lot. I remember in April 2007, Brian flew out to California for a friend's wedding and I thought, I miss seeing him but I tried not to think about it because he probably didn't feel the same way ( but he did ). We didn't let each other know that but we started becoming closer friends and talked most every night for hours. By July, I was trying to make it clear that I would be interested in going if he just asked...finally on August 5 he asked me out with this line "So you want to do this or what?" Be still my heart...haha...but of course, I said yes!

This was our first picture together as boyfriend/girlfriend

However, after three months of dating, Brian and I decided that we would be better as really good friends instead of dating. It was a mutual decision and we thought we could just be friends and not let our feelings get in the way. We made it a month and realized that we cared for each other too much to not try again. The rest is history!

Our first New Year's Eve together

Brian proposed to me in Tampa, FL after one of the Women of Faith events I was working and we were married on April 4, 2009 at the same place we first met, First Baptist Church of Rockwall.

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Kati said...

This gave me goosebumps! I love the pic of ya'll on our couch :) and I love the story of how God brought you two together.