Monday, August 18, 2008

The Engagement Story is the story of Brian and I's engagement. He completely surprised me!!! I still can't believe we are engaged but I am looking forward to the coming months of planning and celebrating this exciting time in our lives. Thank you all for the congratulations!!

The Engagement Story:

About 2 weeks ago Brian told me he was going to have to go to Miami for work Wednesday, Aug 13 through Saturday, Aug 16 for work. I was already going to Tampa Thursday, Aug 14 through Sunday, Aug 17 for work. I was happy, as you can tell by the blog before, that were in the same state but hoping one day both our work would take us to the same city. We had both been in our cities for a couple of days and then Saturday came. Brian told me he was going to fly out from Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday at 3:30 pm. I talked to him about 3:10 pm and he told me he was on the plane and they were close to taking off. So, I went back to work to wrap everything up at the conference.

At 4:30 pm, I get a phone call and I see Brian's name come up. At first I was worried b/c I was wondering why would he be using his cell phone on the plane when you aren't supposed too - something must be wrong. So I answered it with a worried voice and he is calm and says "Hey, I'm in Tampa, I'm at the Arena" and I say "What?!?!?!?" and he said "Yes, I'm at section 101" After disagreeing with him for a couple of seconds, he says "There is a lady in an orange jacket on stage" and I look and see Sheila Walsh is on stage closing up the conference so I run up to the concourse and see him standing there! I could not believe he was there. He was supposed to be on a plane to Dallas! I thought he stopped in Tampa for a layover before his flight to Dallas so I was just excited he came by.

But that wasn't the case! We left the arena to go back to the hotel I was staying and we go to my room. When we get there, he tells me to come with me to his room and that he has a room in the same hotel for Sat night. Still in shock that he is in Tampa, I go with him to his room and we walk in and he tells me to look at his book on the desk. (Side note for this part of the story: Brian and I have been doing the book: 101 Questions Before You Get Engaged and it was on the desk. We had said that we wouldn't get engaged until we had both finished it.) I had finished it on my last work trip so he told me to open his book and when I did - I noticed that it was all filled out and finished!

Then, after I was looking at the book on the desk I turned around and Brian is holding the ring and gets down on his knee and ASKS ME TO MARRY HIM! Of course, I said Yes and was smiling and laughing b/c I could not believe it was happening. It was wonderful and perfect! We called our family and friends and spread the word! I got very emotional when he told me he all he had done and that he had gone to my parents the Tuesday before he flew to Tampa (which I thought was Miami) to ask their permission. Yes, he was in Tampa the whole time - just 5 to 10 minutes away from me for 2 full days and I didn't even know it! He even booked the same flight as me on the way home so Sunday, we were able to fly home together! Can you believe it?

Now that most of the shock has worn off, I am still so impressed at all he went through for this moment. He said he was surprised I didn't figure it out but I'm being honest when I say I had No Clue! We celebrated with both of our families on Sunday so it was a great day!

I am so blessed and am looking forward to our life together. I know that we can work together to further God's kingdom! Thank you Brian for the best surprise ever!


stephanie said...

That B is a sneaky one. I am so glad you were surprised. I can't wait to hear about all the wedding details & so glad to have another girl in the family.

Josh and Shan said...

Good job B!!!

Congratulations again! I'm so excited for you!

Kati said...

ah...that story is awesome! I love it! Isn't being totally surprised the best!?? Congrats and I know a great florist :>

The Killough's said...

That is such a sweet story!! Congrats again!!

The McIntires said...

Love the story! A special memory you will cherish always!

Goob said...

I am soo proud of our B and doing such a good job when he proposed!
we are sooo excited and happy for you both! looking forward to all the wedding preperation!