Tuesday, August 23, 2016

First Day of Kindergarten!

Well, the day we've been talking about coming for a while now (basically since she was born), finally arrived! Mallory has been so excited about it and I honestly have too! I'm excited for her to be closer to us and for us to be able to have lunch during the week (her daycare - which we loved - was in another town so we are getting so much time back now). There are so many things to look forward to but I will say it all hit me like a ton of bricks this past weekend. We've been celebrating and doing so much fun things but when I sat down and was thinking about it all, I let myself let it all sink in that my baby was starting school! So crazy and for a little bit Saturday night, so sad! I let myself have a good cry and thought I was good but at church on Sunday morning, as we were singing "How Deep The Father's Love for Us", the tears came again. I was worshiping and thanking God for His love for us and praying for Mallory to have a great year and be a light for Him. All Sunday, I just held her close and enjoyed the extra snuggles I could get before she started school Monday.

Sunday night, Nana and Papa came over to see Mallory before she started school. Mallory had been performing gymnastics and dance routines for us most of the day Sunday so that is why she is wearing her leotard :)

Nana and Papa brought some sleepy dust to put under her pillow and she loved it! I'm so glad they came over to see her before school started!

Painting her nails was must before the first day!

Auntie let us borrow some books about Kindergarten so we read "The Night before Kindergarten" before bed.

We read, prayed together and then she fell right to sleep. We did put her to bed a lot earlier than usual and she said "I can't go to bed when it's light outside" :) but she was so exhausted that she had no problem going to sleep.

After she went to sleep, I put her lunch together. I included a little note to go in her lunchbox. I know she can't read it so I told her what it said Monday morning but she said she still liked having it in her lunch.

Monday morning - First Day - Mallory was up bright and early ready to go!!

Everybody got ready and we headed outside for the First Day photo shoot. Mallory couldn't wait to put her dress on because she's wanted to wear it since we bought and the day had finally come! I got it at Belk and love it!

My baby's First Day of Kindergarten!

Brian and I each got our picture with the Kindergartener

We headed to school and Mallory put her backpack on to head in

Holding Daddy's hand as they walked in

When we got close to her room, she looked at me and said "I'm scared." but she still walked right in and we found her seat. She found her cubbie to put her backpack and lunchbox in. We went back to her seat and opened the playdoh.

We knew that we couldn't linger with her because that is usually when she will start crying so we knew we would have to drop her off and leave pretty quickly. We got her all situated, got our kisses and I told her I would see her when I picked her up in the afternoon.

One last picture before leaving. Love that big smile!

Knowing that she was happy when we left helped me so much. I left with a smile on my face too and felt so much better leaving her. Brian was really good too but when we got back to the car, I did see a  single tear roll down his cheek. He is a big softy who loves his little girl dearly.

We headed to Chiloso afterwards to drown our sorrows in breakfast tacos! Ha! We met The Ballards and The Loflands there and we were able to be with each other to help us all feel better! So thankful for sweet friends to share these moments with!

The day passed pretty quickly and then I got to take my first turn in the pickup line. This is what I've heard all about and now I was here.

I finally got my girl and we headed to Sonic to get a shake to celebrate us both making it through the day!!

She didn't say much at first and I asked a million and one questions. She said she had a good day and her favorite part was recess. She said she got to see her friend Layla at lunch and recess and that she didn't make any new friends but will tomorrow :) She got to go to the gym but didn't get to go to the library which she was really looking forward to so hopefully she will get to go soon. 

We Face-timed with all of our family so she got tell everybody about her first day. She said she wanted to go back the next day so I call that success!

And on top of all that, we ended the day with the first practice of the Soccer.

It was a long, great day! Thank you to all who called, texted and sent us messages saying you were praying for us! I can't tell you how much we appreciate it and how much it helped! 

Here's to Day 2!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Meet the Teacher

Friday night, we headed to Mallory's school to Meet her Teacher! She was looking forward to taking her supplies up to school, see who her teacher is and to see her classroom.

All smiles as we headed in

We found who her teacher was and then found her room. Mallory was shy at first to give her teacher a high five but then leaned in for a side hug

She got more excited when she walked in her room and then her friend Ava came in. They sat over and played with the play-doh while Brian put up the supplies and I filled out more paperwork. I feel like I'm going back to school with the amount of paperwork I've filled out!

In her chair

Her teacher gave all of the students a microphone as a gift because they are all "stars" so Mallory took to the mat to perform.

When it was time to leave, she was happy to give her teacher a hug!

We went to dinner after to celebrate a great Meet The Teacher evening!

It was also a big night for me because I officially became a member of the PTA! Woo Hoo!

And today, we take her to her first day of Kindergarten! Here we go!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Kindergarten Kickoff Party

Yesterday, Lyndsey hosted a Kindergarten Kickoff Party for our kiddos! I'm so grateful for my friends and I think it's so neat that we each have a kid starting Kindergarten this year so we can all celebrate this together! We knew we wanted to have a Kindergarten Kickoff Party before school started this year and Thursday was the day it finally came. We brought food and desserts and Lyndsey hosted it and decorated it so well! 

The welcome sign to the party

All the food set out with the decorations

The dining room and table decorations 

Time for lunch

Lyndsey planned some Minute to Win it games and I think Mallory ate more of the Froot Loops than using them :)

My sweet girl saying she wants to be a Mom when she grows up. She is so caring and always wants to take care of any baby she sees and loves playing "mom" with her dolls.

We had a great time together with all of our friends

Party gifts

Yes, we will have to recreate this picture in 2029! Kindergarten, here they come!!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Stingerette Beach Blast Dance Camp

Last week, Mallory attended her first camp and she was so excited! The Stingerette Drill Team put on a camp for the week and when it finally came, Mallory was ready to dance! She always likes to watch them perform at halftime of the football games so I was hoping that she would love it and she did!

First day!

When we got to the camp, the Stingerettes met us and Mallory got her picture made with some of the Stingerettes. This went along with the beach blast theme and they put this picture in a frame for her to take home at the end of camp!

I wondered how she would do when it was time for me to drop her off and she did great - see ya mom!

Each day that I picked her up, she told me what a great time she and each night she showed Brian and I what she had learned that day. Friday, they got to show what they've learned and she couldn't wait to perform! She is wearing her camp shirt for the performance.

When it was time for her perform, she shined! Here are some still shots from her performances.

I love this picture because every time it would be her group's time to perform, she was the first one out of the floor ready to go! 

Here are her three dances she learned! I'm a proud momma - I think she rocked it!!

After the performances were over, she ran right up to Brian!

Our favorite dancer! Can her smile be any bigger :)

The Estes Fam

Cade, Auntie and Mallory

Nana and Mallory

We were seriously so proud of our sweet girl, not just for doing a great job on her performances but for doing great all week at her first camp and for working hard everyday to learn all she needed to. Way to go Mallory!