Thursday, April 29, 2010

Here We Go

This is what our living room looks like at this moment:

All of the packing has begun. I've decided to try and do a little a day so the week of the move, it won't overwhelm us with all that we have to do. I feel like we are making good progress but you really don't realize how much stuff you have until you try to pack it all - right?

Brian started packing some of the stuff from his room (what we call the guest room that has all of this clothes, softball and hunting stuff in it) last night and it seemed like every item he packed he had to look at it first and go down memory lane. At first, it was funny but really after the 20th shirt, I could tell his pace would not pick up anytime soon. Yes, I am giving him a hard time but I am kidding - he did a lot of work last night and I'm very thankful!

Brian is enjoying the packing process

It is funny to see some of the things you still have after a while. Things that you don't know why you have but you can't see to throw away.

The original Team Big softball t-shirt - for anyone who knows B, you know this is extra special to him

We found about 75 Wedding programs :)

And then there are the things that are so sweet, they just make you smile real big like this:

How precious are these boys?

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Kati said...

Good job on the packing! Keep up the good work you two! ;> Can't wait to see your new home!