Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas Decorating & Hanging of the Green

Since I'm playing catch-up, just consider Christmas not over yet as I got back down the fun of Christmas 2016 :)

We decorated for Christmas right after Thanksgiving was over and this little Elf was excited to get our Christmas decorations out!

We finally got a new tree this year. We've been saying for years that we are going to get a new one but never did but this year, we did it. I'm so glad we did because I really loved it and it fits perfectly in our space for it. Mallory was Brian's helper when setting up the tree.

The packaging is so fun to play with :)

One of my favorite Christmas pictures to take each year

Mallory's also in charge of the nativity scene and works very hard to set it up right

We also got Mallory her own tree for her room and she was excited to put the little star on top

 The next weekend was Hanging of the Green at our church. It is where the children's choirs sing their songs and the wreaths are hung at our church. It's such a fun tradition and Mallory couldn't wait to put her pretty Christmas dress on and hit the stage!

I was so very proud of my little performer! We loved watching her and hearing her sing loud and proud!

She was also so thrilled that our family came too! 

And we finished with our annual picture in front of the Christmas tree in our Children's building

It was such a great night and I'm so proud of our little girl!

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