Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas Fun!

For Christmas this year, we started an doing an Advent Calendar and an Advent Journal I ordered. The journal was a good way for Mallory to really start learning the Christmas story and understanding what Christmas is all about. We looked at it every day and also opened one of the pictures on the Advent Calendar that had a verse of the story as well. We looked forward to it every night and I'm so glad we did it!

I did video her telling of the Christmas story because I want to remember this forever!

We did a lot of other fun Christmas activities this year! One of them was the Rockwall Stingerette Holiday Camp. Mallory went on a Saturday and they learned a routine as well as got to see Santa (who she didn't care to see this year) and have fun with the Stingerettes. She was so excited about it and had the best time!

They got to perform their routine at the Stingerette's Holiday performance. 

She rocked it on stage!

We continued our tradition of seeing the Christmas lights with our favorite Estes Family. We started out with dinner at BJ's - so yummy!

We drove all around Highland Park and we always make a stop to the bears that are at this little place tucked behind this bridge.

We had the best time laughing and enjoying seeing the lights together!

We continued Brian and Mallory's tradition of making a gingerbread house together!

We all know Brian is in charge of the building of the house and this picture perfectly shows how she and I feel as Brian takes it very seriously

Mallory did get to help in the construction

Now, time for decorations

The finished product! I think they did a great job!!

Later that same day, we made our Christmas cookies together. She did most of it while I supervised and loved getting to use rolling pin and adding more flour and more flour and more flour :)

We might have had a flour fight. I love making the cookies together!

Finally, Mallory finished up the first half of her Kindergarten school year! The last day before holiday break, they got to wear their pajamas to school and had a Christmas party. She was pretty pumped about it all!

I went to her party and got to enjoy the time with her! She also gave her teacher her Christmas gift which she had been looking forward too!

I enjoyed each moment of Christmas memories made this year! Seeing the excitement on Mallory's face makes it even better!

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