Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

Hello 2017!! My dear old blog, I just can't quit you :) So 2017, here we go!

Our tradition of celebrating with our friends at The Ballard's house continued but before we left, I took our annual pictures of Mallory at our house. This is still what I get when I say "Let's take a picture!" :)

I can't believe she will be 6 years old in 2017 but I won't dwell on that right now :/

We got to the Ballards and these friends were so happy to see each other!

After eating the good food, we took all our family and friend pictures. 

Love my little family!!

These friends of mine - so very thankful to ring in another year with them and their families! So many great memories made and many more to make together!

And all these wonderful kiddos! Loralei and Elias joined us this year and they were thrilled about this New Year's Eve tradition as you can tell :)

After pictures, the kids played with our babysitter, Alex, so the adults could hang out and play some games. We played Say Anything first and that brought out some hilarious answers and laughs. We also played Heads Up and we all got the most laughs when we had to hum the songs in order for the Lyndsey to guess what they were. Let's just say, what I think I was singing in my head, may not have come out of my mouth - tone deaf was a word I kept hearing - hahaha. Here is some evidence:

We laughed so hard and will definitely have to play that again!

During the game, Loralei hung out with Brian. :)

After the games, it was time to ring in the new year so I got ready to celebrate with my girl

and my man

Getting ready for the countdown


2016, we enjoyed all you gave us and we are excited to see what all God has in store for 2017. I know He is the only one who knows what it has in store for us right now but I'm thankful I can rest in Him everyday. I posted this devotional on my Insta-story on Saturday but wanted to share it here. Each day, I need to walk with Him and each step I take, every little moment is important as our walk with God is a process. I also read another devotional that talked about how God never lets go - even when we loosen our grip, He's always got it and that is something I'm glad I can rest in as we go into this new year!

Happy New Year to our amazing family and friends!!

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