Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Yellowjacket Football

Friday night, we were all excited that Friday Night Football was back!!! The Estes Family loves all things football and love even more getting to cheer the nephews on as they play! 

I took this picture of Mallory right before the rain came pouring down. 

It rained on us most of the way there but cleared up right when we got there so it made for a very nice evening. Here we are ready to cheer the Yellowjackets on! 

Uncie helps with the blow-up run through so we got to see him before the game starts. Mallory was happy to see the Stingerettes since she got to go to their dance clinic. 

We found our favorite Yellowjacket - #11 as he warmed up

As the sun started to set, it made for a beautiful backdrop. 

Caleb gets to hold the football for when they kick a field goal so we cheered for him when he went out for his job.

Unfortunately, we were behind all game and HP was beating us but in the 4th quarter, we got to cheer again because our favorite QB got to go in and play a couple of possessions. He completed all his passes and had a good run too. We were all so proud!

We were all happy to tell him good job after the game!

Even though we started this year out with a loss, it will still be a fun season getting to cheer our favorite team on! Go Yellowjackets!

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Lyndsey said...

ok that sunset picture is so #fridaynightlights! It makes me so happy!