Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day Weekend 2016

We had a great long weekend and we were all ready for the extra day off on the weekend! I'm going back again and starting on the Thursday before Labor Day Weekend. Mallory had her first Open House so Brian and I went to meet with her teacher and see some of the things she has already done and learned since school started. She was more than happy to show us her room and all that she does during the day!

I volunteered for my first job as part of the PTA - popcorn anyone?!?

It was great getting to see her room again and her show us some of the things she has done. We had a great talk with her teacher who says she is doing great so it was a great night for all of us. I love getting pictures like this in her folder.

On Friday, I went to eat with Mallory for lunch for the first time. She was so excited when she walked it and saw me waiting for her! I loved getting to see her during the day and look forward to getting to have more lunches with her!

Saturday, we headed to the Cotton Bowl to watch the Yellowjackets play football! You can see they are working to get everything ready for the State Fair that starts in a couple of weeks!

The Estes Family ready to cheer the Yellowjackets on! I forgot to clarify I wanted us and the Cotton Bowl sign in the same picture but hey, I'll take it :)

The game started at 1:30pm and it was pretty warm, even in the shade. Rockwall played Rowlett and it was such a neat opportunity to get to play at The Cotton Bowl where so many great games have been played!

#11 is in!

This girl has got her nacho game down. 

We've been cheering Caleb on but can't wait to cheer Cade on when his football games start too!

It was a tough loss but it ended up being a good game until the end! It did not take long for this one to crash when we got back in the car.

Sunday morning, we went to church and I loved getting to teach on Hope with my Sunday School class. Some of them are going through some hard times and it was great to speak with them on this subject and to not lose their Hope in Christ! 1 Peter 1:3-9. 

After church, we headed to Pop and Mimi's house for lunch. It was great to visit with them and we enjoyed their burgers and banana pudding for dessert - yummy!

The one thing that Mallory looks forward to at Pop and Mimi's is riding in their golf cart. Cade, Caleb and she took many rides around the neighborhood in it and she loved it!

Sunday night, the boys came over and cheered the Longhorns to victory. They also enjoyed their favorite: French Bread Pizzas. Mallory was happy to have them over and be with them all night!

And on Labor Day, we did a whole lotta nothing and it was great. We relaxed, snuggled and enjoyed the rest before everything starts again on Tuesday.

I enjoyed our family time together this weekend so much and am so thankful for it! 

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