Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up

We finished up the first week of Kindergarten on Friday! We made it - and yes, I mean all of us! Mallory got to wear her spirit shirt on Friday so she was excited about that. She also was happy to wear her Haiti bracelet her Papa got her from his mission trip this Summer.

Every day, each student gets a color star in their folder based on how they've behaved that day and Mallory got this kind note from her teacher too! A great way to end the first week!

I'm actually going back to Thursday night for minute because I have to say how happy we were that we got to meet the newest member of The Lofland Family - Elias! It was also requested that I bring this below for Lyndsey - she was in need so I was happy to bring it to her :)

I remember how happy we were when we found out Lyndsey was pregnant so it was so exciting to meet Elias! Mallory and I both thought he was so adorable!

Congrats to our friends!

Back to Friday night, we headed to Highland Park for the first Yellowjacket Football game of  the season! I'll do a separate post on the game but this one was in her pearls and ready to cheer the team on!

Saturday, this is what we pretty much did: Rested and Relaxed.It was very nice and very much needed.

We did head out for some groceries and I took this picture because I was laughing at how she was standing with her hand on her hip just waiting for the garage door to open. :)

We made a cake Saturday night for Brian. Mallory likes to help bake and mostly for this reason: licking the beaters.

All weekend she had been repeating this poem that she's learned in school. I recorded so I could remember her little voice.

Sunday morning, we went to church and I got to meet with the parents of the girls in my youth small group. I can't believe the girls in my class are Juniors this year! I got to talk with the parents about things their daughters are going through and ways we can pray for them this year. I love when we do Parent Sunday and love being able to partner with them.

We went to lunch after church and Mallory found this old phone we had and has been pretending to take pictures and selfies non-stop. Here she is taking a selfie of her and Brian.

Sunday afternoon, Mallory and I worked on her first Kindergarten project together. She had to put pictures, drawings and write things about herself in the folder for when she is the Star Student. Parents were encouraged to help so it was a fun project for both of us to work on together. We both loved how it turned out! 

And that's a wrap!

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Josh and Shan said...

I'm so proud of how well my little Mal Mal is doing in kinder! And Tami Taylor would be proud of the pearls