Friday, August 26, 2016

First Week

We've made it to Friday and so far, the first week has been good! Mallory has made friends but she doesn't remember their names :) but she says she has new friends. She's able to sit by her friend Ava at lunch and they talk about sleepovers and she and Ava get to see their friend Layla at recess and play with her. She's gotten to go to Music, Art and PE and she likes them all. She started the after school program - ROCK - on Tuesday and she really loves it! That makes me feel so much better that she likes going there until we pick her up after work. They get another snack and get to play outside which always makes her happy! She's had a big smile on her face when I've picked her up each so so far, so good!

Kindergarten is exhausting though! She will ask if she can fall asleep when she gets home and she never has done that before so I know it's tiring! She came home on Tuesday and rested on the couch while looking at her book.

Trying to stay awake for dinner

She's always ready for bed when it's time and sleeps hard until it's time to get up. We read a book before bedtime, pray and then she's usually fast asleep right after that.

I will say that she's been a happy girl when she wakes up so that makes the mornings a lot easier. She finds her comfy spot on the couch to eat her breakfast and watch some Disney Junior. It's nice for her to have some rest time in the morning before getting ready to head out.

The first three days, we could walk her to her classroom but after that we can walk them into the cafeteria (where they can wait until it's time for them to go to their room). Mallory wanted me to drop her off so I did yesterday and watched her to make sure she walked in and went to the right place. She did and she knew exactly what to do and where to go. So proud of her! 

Yes, she has her jacket tied around her waist because she asked to wear a jacket to school because she gets cold in class. I told her I understood because I'm always the one that gets cold at work and she knows I always have a jacket in the car or with me because I hate being cold. I feel ya sister! 

She usually doesn't say much about the day at first but will start to tell things as the evening goes on. I tried to ask a lot of questions but I've learned that she will tell me as the evening goes on so I try not to pester her with a lot of questions right when I pick her up (which is hard for me to do!). I caught this sweet moment Tuesday night as Brian and Mallory were talking about their day.

Honestly, Mallory has done a lot better this week than I have. The first couple of days, I just counted down the time until I went and got her because I wanted to know everything about her day. I know that she's been in daycare for years before but for some reason, I missed her so much more even though she was so much closer at school than she was at daycare. I wanted to know that she was having a good time, learning, making friends, etc... so most of the tears this week were shed by me but I'm doing better now seeing her smile when I pick her up each day and knowing, she really does like it.

We've all made it to Friday and made it through the first week of Kindergarten! We are looking forward to tonight because it's the first game of the season for Yellowjacket Football!! We can't wait to cheer Caleb on! Go Jackets!

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