Thursday, August 18, 2016

Stingerette Beach Blast Dance Camp

Last week, Mallory attended her first camp and she was so excited! The Stingerette Drill Team put on a camp for the week and when it finally came, Mallory was ready to dance! She always likes to watch them perform at halftime of the football games so I was hoping that she would love it and she did!

First day!

When we got to the camp, the Stingerettes met us and Mallory got her picture made with some of the Stingerettes. This went along with the beach blast theme and they put this picture in a frame for her to take home at the end of camp!

I wondered how she would do when it was time for me to drop her off and she did great - see ya mom!

Each day that I picked her up, she told me what a great time she and each night she showed Brian and I what she had learned that day. Friday, they got to show what they've learned and she couldn't wait to perform! She is wearing her camp shirt for the performance.

When it was time for her perform, she shined! Here are some still shots from her performances.

I love this picture because every time it would be her group's time to perform, she was the first one out of the floor ready to go! 

Here are her three dances she learned! I'm a proud momma - I think she rocked it!!

After the performances were over, she ran right up to Brian!

Our favorite dancer! Can her smile be any bigger :)

The Estes Fam

Cade, Auntie and Mallory

Nana and Mallory

We were seriously so proud of our sweet girl, not just for doing a great job on her performances but for doing great all week at her first camp and for working hard everyday to learn all she needed to. Way to go Mallory!

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