Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Church Kindergarten Luncheon

Last week, our church held a Kindergarten Luncheon for all of the kids starting Kindergarten this year! This is something our Children's Ministry has done for years now and I've loved seeing pics from years past and was looking forward to it for Mallory this year. Our preschool minister, Shelley and the children's ministry assistant, Amanda, did a great job in putting it all together! I'm sad I didn't get more pictures of the props and decorations but it all looked great!

They had many places for photo ops because they knew us Moms would definitely want those and this was the sign that greeted us when we got there. Welcome Class of 2029!

After the photo ops, they had bags for the kids to put their names on. These are bags for them to bring with them to church now that they will start going to big church and just one SS class each Sunday.

The kids also got to fill their bags with school supply goodies!

They had a paper to write down any prayer requests they had for the school year. Mallory's first request was to pray for the school bus. She won't be riding the bus to school but I guess just for the other kids :)

After that, The Lunch Lady came in! Our sweet friend Mrs. Elesa, used to be a lunch lady at an elementary and now she works at our church. She came to reprise her role as the lunch lady today to teach the kids how to go through the lunch line at school. I love that they do this because Mallory's never had to go through a lunch line before and it gives them an opportunity to learn what to do before schools starts.

After she told them how to do it, it was their turn. I was interested to see how Mallory would do and she did a great job!

They also taught them to raise their hand if they needed help opening anything which I thought was good information too! They had to throw their food away and put the trays back to complete the lunch. They all did a good job!

After lunch, Shelley spoke and then prayed for the kids and the parents. I'm thankful for a church where our kids are prayed for as well as the parents. They are so supportive and we appreciate it!

Here is our church's Class of 2029!

Mallory has gone to Sunday School with these friends since she was born!

Love these four Kindergartners dearly!

As soon as Elesa walked in as the lunch lady, Mallory yelled "Mrs. Elesa!!" - we do love her! 

Me and my big girl on this fun day! I loved getting to be there with her and celebrate with her friend and my mom friends!

One step closer to the big first day!

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Such a lovely idea! Enjoyed your photos very much. Have blessed school year!