Friday, August 19, 2016

Kindergarten Kickoff Party

Yesterday, Lyndsey hosted a Kindergarten Kickoff Party for our kiddos! I'm so grateful for my friends and I think it's so neat that we each have a kid starting Kindergarten this year so we can all celebrate this together! We knew we wanted to have a Kindergarten Kickoff Party before school started this year and Thursday was the day it finally came. We brought food and desserts and Lyndsey hosted it and decorated it so well! 

The welcome sign to the party

All the food set out with the decorations

The dining room and table decorations 

Time for lunch

Lyndsey planned some Minute to Win it games and I think Mallory ate more of the Froot Loops than using them :)

My sweet girl saying she wants to be a Mom when she grows up. She is so caring and always wants to take care of any baby she sees and loves playing "mom" with her dolls.

We had a great time together with all of our friends

Party gifts

Yes, we will have to recreate this picture in 2029! Kindergarten, here they come!!

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