Monday, May 16, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

I'm a week late but better late than never! Mother's Day was a great day spent with all of our family! We started out the day by going to church and worshiping together and before we left, I was happy to get a picture with the my beautiful girl. I'm so thankful everyday I get to be her Mom!

After church, we headed over to Jim and Laurie's for Mother's Day lunch with Brian's family. Brian's Uncle Jim worked hard to pick up lunch and get it all set out so all the mom's didn't have to do anything. It was so nice and the food was very good!

Here is a picture of all the Mom's in the family. I'm glad we were all able to get together!

Mallory was excited to give everybody their gifts that she made for them. Here she is with her great-grandmother who loved her gift!

And so did Grammy!

Flashback to the Saturday before Mother's Day when I taped the word LOVE on the canvases so Mallory could paint them. I'm not very crafty but this looked like something we could do easily!

Mallory painted them all in multiple colors

And here is the finished product! I love how they turned out! She signed the back of them all and they each got a Mallory Masterpiece! And I kept one for myself!

Back to Mother's Day - I love this sweet pic of Grammy with Mallory and Emmaline

Grandma Marsha with her boys and families. Caleb had to work that afternoon so that is why he is absent from the picture. 

Brian and Rob with their mother

We left Jim and Laurie's and headed to Southlake to meet up with my family for Mother's Day. We met at Bicentennial Park in Southlake. It was a great park and we all loved it. I might have gone on the zip line multiple times!

And then I decided to let the kids go :)

Everybody then headed over to the play area and slides. Kiersi wanted to do the monkey bars so Brian helped her across

They all liked this slide because it went very fast

And Jensen worked hard on picking up the wood chips :)

Kiersi turned 10 on May 2 so we celebrated her too and gave her her presents.

Then, we gave Nana her present and she got also got a Mallory masterpiece for Mother's Day

So grateful for this woman! She has always been the best mom and while I may not have acknowledged it as much as I should have when I was younger, I'm definitely glad that we've grown closer as I've gotten older and I can call her anytime day or night whenever I need anything. Mallory loves her Nana so very much too and we love living close to her and Papa so we can see them often!

Mom and her kids

Nana with her grandkids

These two cuties wanted a picture together so I had to oblige!

One last picture of me and my sweet girl. My cup runneth over!

We all left before the storm rolled in that evening but my Mother's Day dinner was from one of my favorite places: Torchy Tacos! Lyndsey introduced it to me while we were in Waco and I've been wanting it again ever since we ate there so I was thrilled there was one in Southlake so I could enjoy the greatness that is the Trailerpark taco :)

What a wonderful day!


Lyndsey said...

SO GLAD you finally got your taco!!!! And that Mother's Day was great. But mostly about that taco :)

The Killough's said...

That park looks so fun!! Also, I need to do that craft with Zoey!! They are really cute!!