Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday! What a wonderful weekend we had! It was beautiful outside and we got to enjoy it with our family and friends! 

Friday night, we put the final touches on the play set aka Mallory's Clubhouse.

I actually got to use the power tools and worked on adding some of the accessories. Glasses on and focused face = I got it done. I was happy to contribute and Brian was a good teacher.

We finally completed it all on Friday night and these two were as happy as could be. All friends are welcome to come play!! Mallory has told us over and over how much she loves it. I'm glad we were able to get it up so she could enjoy it during the pretty Spring days before the hot Summer sun comes.

Saturday morning, Mallory and I headed to Aspasians . Mallory's soccer game was cancelled due to all the rain we had this past week so we had a free Saturday morning! Aspasians is a marketplace where vendors can sell their items and there are a lot of different ones set up for people to shop. They hold it in the parking lot of our football stadium so Mallory was happy to head back to where we go on Friday nights in the Fall.

I found this shirt and promptly sent it to Brian and my friends who all agreed, I definitely needed it!

They had a lot of really cute little girl stuff and lots of items to decorate the house. I was just browsing and didn't get anything but we did enjoy a snow cone in the shade because it was already starting to get pretty warm in the sun.

We headed back home because Nana, Papa, Eva, Jensen, Ryan and Kate came over for lunch and to play. These two are always happy to play together and Mallory couldn't wait to show Eva her clubhouse.

I think this cutie loved the play set too!

Ryan and Kate brought the bat and wiffle ball so we had fun playing. Brian and Dad had to show us how they could hit the ball over the fence so we had to go hunt it down a couple of times.

We loved having everyone over and after they left, we got ready to head to East Texas for some more fun. My lifelong best friend Julie and her family were visiting her parents so we went out to hang out with them and celebrate her daughter and Mom's birthdays.

Julie's husband, Aaron took the girls for a ride on the 4-wheeler.

We enjoyed good fried fish, hush puppies and the kids enjoyed hot dogs. These three girls always have fun together. I love the Julie, Jill and I's daughters get to hang out and grow up together. Emmalyn and Mallory both asked if they were family and we just said Yes. Our families have always been so close so we might as well be!

We sang Happy Birthday to Emmalyn who turned 6 earlier this month. On her birthday, they surprised Emmalyn by telling her she was going to Disney World in June so we got to talk a lot about their upcoming trip! I know she will have the best time!

My second family - Dylan and I. Dylan is Julie and Jill's little brother and he will be a Senior in High School next year which is so crazy because he was just the little boy that we used to play with all the time. I do love him and can't wait to see what all he is going to do!

Julie and I

Julie, Jill and I 

We stayed late and enjoyed every minute. I can't wait to see them all again.

Sunday morning, we went to church. We always love worshiping with our church family and today was no different. When I showed Brian this picture, I said "When did she turn 12??" My little girl is getting so big! 

 Our pastor is preaching through the book of Acts and it has been great. Today was no different as I was reminded about my words and how they need to be encouraging words. Am I building others up?? Definitely something I need to think of everyday and I want to be the encourager that God wants me to be!

Sunday afternoon, Mallory was playing outside but when she was walking in, she tripped and scraped her knee. She went to tell Brian about her knee and Brian mentioned that it was bleeding and then Mallory started shrieking with the loudest cry I've heard in a long time. She was so upset that there was blood, she could not contain herself. I picked her up and held through the tears while Brian cleaned it up and put the band-aid on. I think we all survived - barely!

She was able to pull through so we could run to the store. Like I mentioned earlier, she loves to wear dresses so we got a couple that she could wear to school that I wouldn't worry about getting dirty. I was thrilled to see the happy smile back on her face :)

And that's a wrap!


Josh and Shan said...

There's a life lesson for you Mal, shopping takes the pain away!

Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

That Dr Pepper and Jesus tee! Love it!

So happy Mallory got her a clubhouse! And look at you, getting your drill on. Love it! =)