Monday, May 23, 2016

Mallory turns FIVE!

Saturday, our beautiful little girl turned FIVE! She's been waiting for this day for a while because she knows when she turns five we go to the beach and she starts Kindergarten. It's bittersweet to say the least! I'm so excited to see all this year holds for her but Brian and I both can't believe how fast the time went since she was just born! 

Mallory brings such joy to our lives and I think God everyday for her and that he allows Brian and I to be her parents. She loves all things Barbie, Princesses, My Little Pony, Paw Patrol, and doing hair and make-up. She's a girly girl who also loves to play outside and get dirty! She's a social butterfly who loves to dance and will always do cartwheels when she can. She loves to color, paint and draw and she loves to give drawings to Brian and I for us to take to work. She has a big heart and will always be the first one to tell on herself if she knows she done something wrong. She is definitely dramatic (as my parents laugh since I'm sure I had it coming). She keeps us on our toes but we wouldn't have it any other way! We love our sweet girl and we loved celebrating her!

I took a couple of pictures of her on Friday night in the dress she got to wear to her birthday party. She only wants dresses that twirl and this one was perfect for that. We got it at Costco and they had many other colors to choose from. She was so thrilled when we got it. Love this picture of my pretty girl!

This year was the first year her birthday and birthday party on the same day. She woke up on  her birthday (Saturday) morning and we had her presents from Brian and I waiting for her. This is her: hurry up and take my pictures so I can open my presents face :)

Lots of markers, crayons, and colored pencils for her to continue her love of coloring and drawing!

I love her reaction as she opened her other present

Since she loves doing Brian and I's hair and my make-up, we got her a Barbie head to play with at her hearts content. I'm very tender headed so I'm happy to share the love so she can brush someone else's hair - Barbie can now have all the fun. She can also put make-up on her and paint her nails so she was thrilled and was ready to play with her right then!

After opening the presents, she went right over to play with the balloons. I'm sure she would have been happy if we just got her those. She always asks for a balloon when we go to Dollar Tree so I got her three and she played with them all morning!

Then, she had to break in the crayons.

Since we had two soccer game rainouts, they rescheduled one of the games on her birthday so after opening presents, we got ready and headed to soccer field for the last soccer game of the season. Coach Brian and Mallory ready to play!

I really am so proud of how much she's improved this season. Her improvement isn't just in how well she played but how she always went in when she was called and played hard the whole time she was out there. She also learned how important it was to be on a team and cheering your team on when you aren't out on the field. 

After the game, Brian gave all the girls their medals for playing this season

The Princesses - missing Katie Ryan!

My favorite soccer player and we love the coach!

Birthday/Soccer Smile

After the game, we ran home to get bathed and ready for Mallory's Birthday Party! I'll do a separate post on that but we had the best time celebrating at Urban Air Trampoline Park!

After the party, we headed home where Brian and Mallory both took a nap. They were worn out from all the fun. We met up with Papa and Nana for a birthday dinner at Cotton Patch Cafe. It is one of Mallory's favorite places to eat so she was happy to go!

She didn't want them to sing Happy Birthday to her so she got a card from the staff at the Cotton Patch. She was happy about that!

When we got home, her good friend and next door neighbor, Wylie, came over and they both looked at all the fun presents she had received.

When we were getting ready to go to the game earlier in the day, I asked Mallory do something and and as she went to do it, she said "Mom, I'm five now!" I just smiled and said "Yes, you are"
What a great day!


The Killough's said...

I can't believe she is five!! Time slow down!!

Josh and Shan said...

Happy Birthday Mal Mal! I remember holding you the day after you were born!

Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

Ehat a great day to turn five! I saw those dresses in Costco to, SO CUTE!!!

Happy Birthday; Mallory!!

Lyndsey said...

Y'all had a FULL birthday day! And it looks like Mal soaked up every minute of it! Great job with the party too, Liam had such a great time!