Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mallory's Fifth Birthday Party!

We celebrated Mallory turning Five at Urban Air again this year! When I asked what Mallory wanted to do on her fifth birthday, she said the Trampoline place again so it was an easy choice. She loved it for her fourth birthday and we've been to more parties there since then so it was a go! I still wanted to do a theme and since she loves all things Barbie right now, it was a no-brainer. I found this cute invitation on Etsy and ordered it to send out. 

My friend Avery, that I've known since she was in the youth group at church (I'm so old), has a a cake business - Party In My Pantry - and she made the Barbie birthday cake. Mallory thought it was awesome and we loved it too!  

We took a couple of pictures before Mallory hit the trampolines. Brian and I with our big Five year old!

A whole hand!!

The birthday girl with Papa and Nana

And then the friends/family came and the jumping began!

I think the big cousins had a fun time too!

We took a break from all the jumping fun to have some cake and for Mallory to open presents. Mallory's teacher, Kaylie, came to her party and Mallory was so thrilled! All the girls from their class wanted her to sit at the table with them.

The birthday girl

After cake, it was time for presents! Kaylie had told me she was working on a special present for Mallory and it was perfect! Mallory loves Beauty and the Beast, especially the rose and when were at Disney World, she only wanted to see the Rose when we ate at the Be Our Guest restaurant so Kaylie made Mallory her own rose. It was so sweet!

I love how close all friends have to be at all birthday parties to see the gifts. Mallory got great clothes, games and Barbies! She is set. So thankful for all of the kind gifts!

Mallory's best friend at school, Blakely, got her a best friend necklace - Blakely had the "best" half and Mallory had the "friend" half. They both loved it!

We love our friends and family!!

 Mallory's 5th Birthday Party was a blast!


Lyndsey said...

I just love that picture of the two of them :) Makes me smile! Another fun birthday party in the books!

mark lawrence said...

Happy to know about your birthday event. Couple of months ago, it was my mom’s birthday and arranged a surprise party for her at one of venues in San Francisco. Invited everyone and did near-perfect arrangements.