Friday, April 15, 2016

Ties & Tiaras - A Dad and Daughter Event

Saturday night, Brian and Mallory attended our church's Daddy/Daughter Date Night. I was excited they got to go and even more excited that I got to help plan this event. Brian and Mallory went to a Daddy/Daughter dinner and dance last year but they decided not to have it this year so my friends and I decided we wanted to put on a Daddy/Daughter Date Night at our church since we know how important the Father/Daughter relationship is! We all worked hard to put on a great event and even pulled in help from our Oregon friend - Brettni. She made this awesome flyer for us and we used it in promoting the event.

Saturday, we met up at the church to decorate for the event. My friends are so very creative and I was good at doing what they told me to do when it came to decorating! I do not have one decorative bone in my body so I'm good to help once you tell me what to do!

Once we got everything set up, we headed home to get our girls ready for the evening.

Mallory wanted me to paint her nails so after her bath she put on her robe and we had some nail painting time. 

Once the nails were dry, I got her ready and put her in her pretty pink dress. She heard the door bell ring and I told her to answer it. She opened the door and Brian was there with a pink rose for her.

She thought it was the best thing ever!


We took some pictures outside before we left. She had to show off her rose

And then pose :)

Daddy and Daughter

And I had to sneak in a picture with my pretty girl

We got to the church and Joy had a great set-up for the Daddy/Daughter pictures. I absolutely love their picture! I think it turned out great!

And since there was a pretty backdrop, the friends had to take a picture together! Love these ladies and loved working with them on this event!

We made one final check to make sure everything was ready and the event began!

After the Daddy's and Daughters got their pictures made, they all went to have a dancing lesson - the Waltz. 

I'm thankful I got to get some video of Brian and Mallory dancing

After dancing it was time for dinner. Our friend, Jill, made a great spaghetti dinner and some gorgeous cupcakes for dessert. These two were having a good time.

Our children's minister spoke and we gave out some prizes. While this was happening, I was entertaining our surprise guests - Anna and Elsa! I knew that our friend Melissa and her friend Ashleigh had dressed up as Anna and Elsa for a birthday party before so I asked if they would like to reprise their roles for the event and they were happy to!

When we were wrapping up the evening, we told the girls we had one last surprise and when Anna and Elsa came out, they all got so excited and ran up to see them. They each got their picture which Anna and Elsa and you know my child was front and center to make sure she saw them :)

Yes, some spaghetti sauce did end up on her dress - ha! 

All the friends with Anna and Elsa!

It was a great night and from what I've heard, everybody who came had a great time! And on Sunday, I took a two hour nap because I forgot how exhausting Event Planning can be :)

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