Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday! I'll start the weekend wrap-up with a picture of my child and her outfit of choice for school Friday morning! She always wants to wear a dress, skirt or tutu so she was thrilled to have her tutu on for the day. I had her hair pulled back with a bow in but she also had to add a headband "to make her beautiful" she said. I told her she was always beautiful but the headband stayed in :)

Friday night, we had a low-key evening since we had things to do on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday morning, Mallory and her teammates played a great soccer game. I know I keep saying it but they have improved so much since last season and it's so fun to cheer them on. I love this picture of Brian talking to his team! Good job coach!

Saturday, after the game, we ran errands and then Mallory and I headed home to rest before we headed to her friend's birthday party. I was looking at an older pic on Instagram and before I knew it, I was scrolling through all my Instagram pictures and having the "how did she grow up so fast????"  moment. Have yall ever been scrolling through and get caught up just keep going and going? Just me? Well, these two older pics just made me smile :)

Back to the present, Brian headed to the SMU Spring football game and Mallory and I headed to her friend Finnley's birthday party. Finnley is her friend from school and I love that my little social butterfly has so many friends! Finnley wanted her to go everywhere with him and she enjoyed getting to celebrate with him at Urban Air.

After the party, Nana and Jensen stopped by for a quick visit and Jensen loved going down the slide. Mallory has loved her new play set and is excited when she can have someone over to play on it. Her neighbor friend, Wylie, is over most days after school playing with her on it so I'm loving our new investment!

Saturday night, Mallory had been asking for whip cream with her strawberries so she loved it so much when I sprayed some Reddi-wip in her mouth. 

Sunday morning, we headed to church and I was so glad to teach my 10th grade girls some things I had learned last week while doing my Daniel Bible Study. This bible study is so good and last week, Beth taught on Selfishness vs. Sacrifice. Which am I choosing?? That is a question I am asking myself daily and I shared it with my girls in Sunday School. What sacrifices are we making for His kingdom? If you haven't done this bible study before, I would highly suggest it. So Very Good!

Sunday afternoon, Mallory and I went to Jill's shower to celebrate her and baby Caroline. I miss seeing Jill so much since she moved so I'm thrilled anytime we get to get together.

She got so many great gifts and of course, Mallory was right there with Kinsley helping open presents.

These sweet girls had a great time playing together.

Jill and I! The decorations were great and I loved all the balloons!

And that's a wrap!

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