Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekend in Waco

Last year, our Women's Ministry at church had gotten tickets to hear Beth Moore teach in Waco in March. As soon as we heard, Melody, Lyndsey and I signed up! We got our tickets and this past weekend, it was finally time to head to Waco! I've done so many Beth Moore bible studies that I have loved and grown so much in my faith. "So Long Insecurity" and "James" are two of my favorites that I've gone through. I'm currently doing her "Daniel" bible study with my co-workers and it's been great so far. The last time I heard her live was when she led the pre-conference at Women of Faith many years ago so I was so looking forward to hearing her again!

Friday afternoon, Lyndsey picked Melody and I up and we hit the road to Waco!

We got checked into our room and you know you have great friends when they bring you your favorite treat - Famous Amos cookies :) Thanks Melody!

Lyndsey went to college at Baylor so we relied on her to take us to the best places to eat and to show us around town. Waco is a very interesting town - one minute you are in a very nice shopping area and the next there isn't an open store anywhere. I had never really seen Waco other than the football stadiums there so it was neat to have a guide! For dinner, Lyndsey said Ninfas was a good Tex-Mex restaurant so we went there.

The chips and green sauce were great as well as my enchiladas! We were fans! Once we were done, we headed for the Friday night part of the event. The event was Friday night and Saturday morning. I did not take many pictures while there because it was such a great time of worship and I was trying to write down everything Beth said because she was speaking the Word! She did wear her Baylor green and gold for Friday night.

Yall. God uses Beth so much and He speaks through her so loud and clear. Beth taught on the scripture of Hebrews 12:18-28 and how we need not to be shaken because we have an unshakable God. There are so many things that we just need to shake off because we make them into bigger things than they really are but the Enemy sometimes comes at us to shake us up and get us all shaken. We need to be able to tell the enemy that he won't shake us because we are unshakable - we are standing at Mount Zion and we have received an unshakable kingdom with we have accepted Jesus. So many things that she said resonated with me and I'm ready to shake off the things that don't need to make me shaken!

After the event, it was time for lunch so we chose Torchy Taco's. Melody and I had never been so it was another great recommendation by Lyndsey. I had the "Trailer Park" taco and we ordered the queso and sweet corn as well. All were so yummy! I wish we had one closer now.

After lunch, you can guess where we headed - Yes, to the Silos! We were really excited to see and shop at Magnolia Market because we are all big Fixer Upper fans - and big Chip and Joanna Gaines fans! When we were walking towards the silos, we saw the little building that will be the bakery that will open sometime later this year!

So happy to be there!

I think every woman that was at Beth Moore's event had the same idea and even though the line was long to get it, it really moved fast so we did not wait long at all. It was a beautiful day as well so we didn't mind at all!

There is a big open area by the store with Food Trucks and a garden. It is such a nice place to just come and hang out - especially on a pretty day like Saturday!

We got in the store and there was so much to choose from. Many things you see on the show were there for sale - so neat!

I am so glad that Lyndsey got one of the signs "Today is a good day to have a good day" 

You can go downstairs and see so many more things for sale. It is a big open area that is so nice.

Chip and Joanna were not there but Joanna's mom was she was just working with all the other employees and had a sweet conversation with Lyndsey when we were checking out

After having a great time at Magnolia Market, Lyndsey suggested we go to Spice and shop there. This was a neat store with so many cute items and clothes to choose from. We enjoyed walking around and looking at everything while trying on hats and having fun!

After Spice, it was time to head back home - but not without a stop at West for some kolaches!

I'm so glad I was able to have this time away with my sweet friends (missed you Joy!) and learn so much from Beth! 

I did miss these two while I was away, but as you can see, they had a great time together! I'm so blessed to his wife and her mother!

Have a great week!


The Calhoun Clique said...

Yay, I got a shout out! So glad y'all had such a fun time!! It looks like a blast!

Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

Trailer Park Taco! HAHAHAH! Love it!

Glad y'all had a great time together, Texas!