Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Soccer Season - First Game

We had our first game for the Spring Soccer Season on Saturday! The Princesses are back and ready to play! Unfortunately, a cold front had blown in and we were all freezing but we all snuggled up and the girls got ready to play. I got this picture as soon as we got our of the car so the frigid cold hadn't hit her too hard yet and 5 seconds later and the rest of the morning she kept saying "I'm Freezing!!" As you can see by her hair, the wind was blowing hard too!

Our niece, Eva, was able to come cheer Mallory on and we both snuggled as we hollered for her and her team!

Praying before the game starts. There were many coats and gloves worn throughout this game as you can see.

The game got going and you can definitely tell a big difference from last fall until now. The girls are really into the game and you can tell they know what they need to do.

Anytime you were out, you had to snuggle under the blankets to stay warm and cheer for the team!

Love getting to play with our friend Katie again!

When the game was over they had snacks and we all ran to get warm. Mallory was so happy cousin Caleb and Savannah came to cheer her on.

I love this picture of Eva and Mallory walking back to car after the game. Mallory was so thrilled she could come too!

It was so fun to be back in soccer season!! And here's hoping to warmer weather at the next game!

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Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

I remember that wind.The summer felt like a blow drier and in the winter felt like an Arctic Blast. CRAZY! But any excuse to snuggle with friends and family is a good one.

Have a great season, Mallory!