Thursday, March 3, 2016

Soccer Season #2

Monday evening, Mallory had her first soccer practice for the Spring season. Brian is coaching her team again and they were both looking forward to this season to start! 

Brian gathering all the girls around to start their first practice

Last season, sometimes Mallory would be interested and sometimes not, but at this practice, she did the drills and had a great time kicking the soccer ball.

I love this picture

There are old and new friends on this team. I caught this picture of Mallory and Jillian cracking up at something

And they saw that I caught them

Getting her kick on

Did we make through the night without tears?  Of course not - she had a meltdown because the team name is still The Princesses and not The Butterflies. Fun times! 

Soccer Season #2 - we are ready!

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