Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 Estes Family Christmas

Christmas Eve night, we had Brian's mom and family over for dinner and to do Christmas with them. Brian grilled burgers and we all ate a great dinner! I love that we get to have everyone over on Christmas Eve night because it's fun to be together with them!

Grandma Marsha and Mallory

Rob and Stephanie aka Uncie and Auntie

After eating, we opened presents!

We went oldest to youngest so Mallory waited patiently with Auntie

I think she needed to be close by to help her open her presents

The boys got their favorite college's sweatshirts

Uncie got a black Columbia vest - he and Caleb and Cade also did so they could all be matching

Brian styling in his new Texas toboggan

When it was Mallory's turn, she went at it! She got a lot of awesome new Frozen toys, My Little Pony toys, Cinderalla and Belle, etc... the girl racked up!

The Estes boys in their matching vests

The brothers

Estes cousins

And the Estes girls with our new spatulas

We loved having everyone over and had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas!

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