Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Our Family Christmas

Christmas Eve night, we got everything ready for Santa to come. Mallory reminded me that we needed to set out milk and cookies for him so we made sure to do that before she headed to bed. 

I asked if she wanted to leave Santa a note so I wrote down what she said. She knows when we talk about Santa (which we did more this year because in the past years she was so scared of him and the thought of him coming into our house at night was too frightening but she's not as scared anymore) we always make sure we know Christmas is about Jesus's birth so she made sure to remember that. She hears that we say Jesus lives in our hearts so that is what she focuses on right now and I am praying daily for the day she asks Him into her heart. I love fun traditions and instilling in her what Christmas is truly about!

After Mallory went to bed, "Santa" got to work. This year that was Brian, Rob, Caleb and Cade. How many Estes boys does it take to build a Barbie House? 

Brian built it and they all pitched in to help! I loved watching them!

The proud boys with the finished product!

There are about 1 million accessories that came with the house and that was my job. Goodness gracious - toward the end I just put them somewhere in the house so we could call it done!

Christmas morning, we were ready for Mallory!

She got up about 8:15 am and she rounded the corner running all the way in

Mallory ran in and ran right to me behind the house - ha! She was excited but wanted me to look at it with her so I did. And then, we couldn't drag her away. She had to take it all in!

Santa did good!

After looking at the house, we went to see if Santa had eaten the cookies and drank the milk. He had and Santa (Uncie) left her a note.

Daddy then read us The Christmas Story of Jesus's birth and we prayed and thanked God for all He has given us.

Mallory opened her other presents. She really wanted a new bible and my friend Joy recommended this one. I looked it up and really liked it so we got it so we can read it together. 

This girl loves to draw and color so she got a lot of markers and paper to draw!

And I got her a glue stick and I think that is what she was most excited about - ha!

She always wants to take pictures when I am taking pictures so she's got her own camera now - Smile!

This picture cracks me up because she is hoping there is more in the stocking and there wasn't!

Brian and I opened our presents and I love getting him gifts and seeing him smile! 

We set the camera up to get a shot of all three of us on Christmas morning. I love my family!

Not long after we had opened presents, my parents stopped by to see what Mallory had gotten. She was so happy to see them and to show them all her gifts. I love that they got to come by so we could see them on Christmas Day!

I love Christmas but it is has been so much fun being a parent on Christmas and seeing the excitement in your child's eyes! Christmas morning was so great!


The Killough's said...

Love the picture of her running into the living room!

Lyndsey said...

How sweet that she ran past her present to you!! She looks SO excited! What a fun morning!