Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Bradley Family Christmas

Christmas Eve Eve night, we headed to my parent's house so we could celebrate Christmas with them, my brothers and their families! I love this tradition of staying at their house and then doing Christmas with everybody on Christmas Eve morning. Mallory couldn't wait to head over and celebrate Christmas with her cousins!

I do love my Mom's tree and all her decorations. It's always a favorite of mine to walk into her house and see the beautiful tree.

We ate dinner and then played games because that is what we Bradleys do. We played Sequence and then moved onto the very dangerous game of Spoons. I could say no one was harmed in the game but I'm not sure that was true :) Melody's Yeti went flying a couple of times and a Ryan's chair fell over but we all survived.

We played and the children watched the new Cinderella that my Mom had gotten for Christmas. After all the fun, it was time to rest and get ready for bed. All the girl cousins (and Aunt Kate) laid down for a bit on the pallet in the living room.

On Christmas Eve morning, everyone was up and ready for presents. I love the annual cousin pic in front of the tree and this year added Jensen to the photo! Love!

Kiersi read the Christmas story to us all while Jensen gave me smiles

After the Christmas story and prayer, we started with the gift giving. My grandmother came over to celebrate with us and I'm so glad she came!

This girl got some Barbies and a Barbie car. She was thrilled because the only ones she had been playing with were my old Barbies whose hair was a disaster and the clothes were way out of style :)

Kiersi and Kayden racked up a lot of glitter pens and drawing utensils. I think they are set!

Of course, all the girls had to be close by whenever someone was opening a present

Mallory ended up in her Nana's lap

I love this pillow that Greg and Melody got Mom with all the grandkids name on it

Eva and Mallory with their My Little Pony toys

It was so fun to watch Jensen "open" presents. This picture shows how excited he was for the paper while his present is opened for him behind him :)

Greg got Brian and Ryan head lamps and Brian was excited it was a LED light too!

Who requested the book titled "A History of Western Philosophy and Theology"?? Haha - That would be my older brother and he was so happy to get it! 

I requested a new apron for Christmas and for Mallory to have one that matched and my Mom found some! I love them! Mallory loves to cook and bake with me so they are perfect!

Which these go right along with Mallory's gift from Nana and Papa - an Easy Bake Oven! This girl is ready to bake!

She had to show everybody her new gift!

Kayden and Kiersi got a new sewing machine and they were shocked. They loved it!!

And Eva got a new bike!!!

Since it was 75 degrees outside, we had to test the new bike out. Eva rocked it and Kiersi and Kayden tested out their new Razor scooters.

We came back in and got ready for breakfast. My mom makes the most delicious breakfast every year so we all look forward to it. Brian says his most favorite breakfast of the year!

My mom gave each girl a roll of tickets because they love handing out tickets to everyone so Eva was happy to hand out her tickets for breakfast!

Jensen got the cutest toboggan! Such a cute boy!

After breakfast, it was time to search for the pickle ornament! This is one of our favorite traditions and finally it was time. You would think it wouldn't take long to find an ornament but my parent's tree is very full and it took us almost 3 minutes to find it this year. I love having a video of it every year because it's so funny how we all are searching and how competitive we are. I love that I had my own cheering section - thanks Mallory!

In the end, I found it again this year! Back to Back winner! At least Brian and Mallory were excited for me - ha!

I love taking pictures but try to take videos too so we can have those to look back at. The girls are eating popsicles to cool off after the warm Christmas Eve day!

Mamaw with her great-grandchildren

Nana and Papa with their grandkids

It was a wonderful time!!

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