Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Yellowjackets Playoff Game - Round 1

Friday night was the Yellojacket's first round playoff game. It was very chilly so we got our warm clothes on, grabbed our blankets and headed to the stadium.

I got Mallory this cute toboggan at Old Navy and she has wanted to wear it everyday since we got it. We love the Friday Night Lights - especially when it's playoff time! 

The Estes Family in their happy place

Me and my girl snuggled close all night - body warmth!

We found Uncie as soon as we got there and had to tell him hi

Ready to get this game started!

We knew Caleb would get to dress out with the Varsity but didn't know if he would get to play but were so excited when he got to go in and Play in his first Varsity Game! We found him once they lined up for the national anthem.

They are very serious in watching the game

Grammy and Pappy came to the game too so Mallory was happy to get any snuggles in with Grammy when she could!

In the 4th quarter, #4 Caleb went in and we yelled loud for him

My mini me yelling during the game. I love it!

It was a close game until Rockwall started pulling away and we won! So exciting!

We got to see Caleb for a minute after the game. High fives and kisses :)

Winning smile!

Not sure how far the Yellowjackets will go but we have had and are having fun this football season! Go Jackets!

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