Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

For the first weekend in a very long time, we had nothing planned! We started out the weekend cheering on the Yellowjackets in their 2nd playoff game Friday night!

It was cool but not as chilly as the week before - it was a perfect evening for football!

My cheerleader yelling loud! 

Mallory always loves seeing Caleb's girlfriend, Savannah!

The game was close - going back and forth. We had a hard time tackling their QB but Rockwall was able to pull it out and put it away in the 4th quarter. It was a great game and we won!! Onto the next round!

We were happy, as always, to see Caleb after the game!

We were out late so we Saturday morning we all slept in and it was glorious! Mallory kept saying "Momma, we won!!" I think she had a great time at the game because she was still cheering the next morning.

Saturday morning and afternoon, we did nothing. Brian had traveled last week and it was just a busy week in general so we enjoyed resting and relaxing. While I was resting, I caught up on some blogs I like to read and one of the blogs I like is: Diana Wrote  I was reading about her new daughter and laughed when I saw her daughter's middle name is the same as Mallory's (Anne) and the story of it is just like mine.  "Anne" was after her mom's middle name (just like my Mom's - her middle name is Ann) but she added an "e" at the end just like I did because we love Anne of Green Gables. The only difference is I told my Mom I was adding the "e" but it's always fun to hear someone thinking the same way. Here is what she said:

A few months ago we decided on her middle name as Ann – after my mom’s middle name. I thought about adding an “e” since I adore Anne of Green Gables, but thought that wouldn’t be really after my mom anymore. Once we told her though, she asked me that night if I’d consider adding an “e” to it as she’d always wanted one on hers because of Anne. So Ann became Anne. :)

Saturday afternoon, Brian asked if he should get the Christmas decorations out and once he put that in my mind, we were in Christmas decorating mode. Mallory was thrilled when I told her we could decorate Saturday night. Brian pulled it all out, I looked through all I had and then we ran to Hobby Lobby to get some Christmas items.

Mallory was happy to push the buggy and to pick out our wrapping paper for the year

It was such a fun evening putting everything up. Mallory is at a great age to help and she had the biggest smile on her face the whole time. So did I just watching her.

Sunday morning, we went to church! I laugh because I put Mallory's coat on after these pictures and she was still wearing it when I picked her up from her class. She said she was cold the whole time so she never took it off :)

I had the privilege of subbing for my friend Melody's 8th grade class. I taught on when Abraham was tested and was willing to sacrifice his only son, Isaac (Genesis 22). I know that I was naive in going thinking everyone had heard this story but that was not the case. All the girls kept saying, I want to know what happens next and when we read that God had seen Abraham's faith and He brought him a ram to be sacrificed, one girl said "Whew, that's good." We had a great conversation about the testing of our faith. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to share this amazing story with these girls.

I was also happy that I got to teach it again to my 10th grade girls! I love being able to teach because I feel I learn the most when preparing the lessons for the week!

After church on Sunday, this picture sums up Mallory and I's afternoon. We napped together and it was just what we needed.

Sunday night, I got things ready for this short week! While we were doing things, Mallory decided she needed to bring all of her stuffed animals into the living room. Sometimes, you can't just play with one.

I'm looking forward to this short work week and to celebrating Thanksgiving with our families! 

That's a wrap!

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