Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October Catch-up: Football, Soccer and Birthdays

Yes, we are in November but I did want to recap October. October was busy busy busy and we enjoyed all we got to do! I hope to play catch-up and get some posts up this week of some of the things we did but here's a start!

We've spent time at the football stadium cheering our favorite Estes football players on!

Cade doing a great job this year as the center for his team. Mallory loves cheering for number 55!

We've cheered on our favorite qb #14 too!

Soccer season ended and we had such a wonderful first year! At the last game we played, Mallory was happy to see Caleb while he was refereeing the other soccer game on a nearby field so we had to stop and see him after the game.

Our last soccer game got rained out but we still had a get together at Cici's to give all the girls their medals and to hang out one last time

Brian gave out the medals to each girl and Mallory was so excited to get hers!

All The Princesses!

Cheese'in it up with her medal

These two had so much fun playing together this season!

Mallory's first season to play soccer was really great. Brian and Justin did a great job coaching and all the girls really improved as the season went on! Brian really loved getting to know all the girls and we had a good group of parents that helped and supported the team! First season of soccer is in the books!

Later that day, we headed to eat with my brothers and sister-in-laws. My parents offered to watch all the kids and we all went to eat at Three Stacks (so good!) and played at Dave and Busters

We take our game playing very seriously in the Bradley/Estes Families!

Down the Clown was a very intense game :)

As was the basketball shooting game

And the 4 way air hockey game

We really had the best time hanging out together and playing all the games. Brian and Kate had fun playing Deal or No Deal while I stayed with Wheel of Fortune and Skeeball. We also played the horse game where you roll the ball to move your horse along and I think I was the only one that didn't win but mark my words: Next Time I will win - ha! :) 

We went back to Greg and Melody's to celebrate Greg and Ryan's birthdays after the fun.

Earlier in the month, we celebrated Brian's Uncle Jim's 50th Birthday! 

These two and their love for Gran's banana pudding 

We were happy to get to celebrate Jim. He has done so much for Brian and means so much to him and us! 

And the night couldn't be through without a selfie with Gran :)

We got to head out to Brian's grandad's house and hang out there one Sunday. These three love the golf cart so they drove it around a lot.

We celebrated Rob turning 40! Mallory Loves Uncie so much and I love the relationship they have! She made sure we sang Happy Birthday to him so we did!

Brian, Rob, Margaret, Pop and Grandma Marsha. Three generations.

Our weekends have been full and fun with more to come!

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