Monday, November 2, 2015

2015 Fall Festival/Halloween

In September, Mallory and I ran to Costco and as we were walking around we saw the group of Halloween costumes and then we both saw it: a Rainbow Dash costume. Mallory has been watching My Little Pony on Netflix and Rainbow Dash has been her favorite so we both squealed in excitement in finding this costume! If you remember, her name is now Elsa Rainbow Dash so we both knew this would be the perfect fit for Halloween. I feel like we've had the costume for forever so it was finally time to wear it to our church's Fall Festival. 

On Wednesday, I picked up Mallory from school and we headed to Nana and Papa's to change before heading to the church.

Here is my pretty Rainbow Dash

And here is my flashback of Halloweens over the past 5 years. 
My Bee, Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Sofia the First and now Rainbow Dash

We got a picture when Nana and Papa

And I got one with her before we headed out

We met Daddy at the church and she was thrilled to show him her costume again

My small group had a booth - pumpkin bowling and they all did a great job

Mallory had to do it and in true Estes style, took it very seriously

Soon we found all of our friends! We had to get a group photo! I love all these kiddos and their families! I love that we get to do these fun events together!

 We then went over to the princess carriage for our annual photos

Lyndsey and I wanted to get our annual photo of Mallory and Liam  and this year, Liesl so wanted to get in the carriage so we got a cute photo of the three of them!

Tinkerbell, Rainbow Dash and Peter Pan

My sweet girl!

After all the photo ops, it was time to play games and get some candy!

Mallory, Liam and Max on the hayride. They were all looking forward to that!

We then headed to the bounce houses and slide that Mallory really loved and had to do multiple times

We ended the night by getting her face painted

On Friday, Mallory had a Halloween school party. They got to wear their pajamas and got to decorate pumpkins. She couldn't stop talking about the party! 

Halloween night, we headed The Loflands house for dinner and trick or treating with friends. Mallory has loved wearing her hair in a side bun these days so we put it up for Halloween night.

Mallory kept telling me all day long how excited she was to go trick or treating at Liam's house with her friends. Here the cute group photo!

Will and Lyndsey had a baked potato bar and it was so yummy! After dinner, we headed out to trick or treat.

It's so fun to see how the kids have grown. They know just what to do and have the trick or treating thing down. We laughed everytime someone would open their door, all the kids would practically go in the house instead of standing on the porch - ha! We had to keep saying "Don't go in the house!"

Mallory did not like any of the houses that had scary decorations so Brian would walk up with her. Here they are hand in hand walking together

We had so much fun and so many times I had to tell Mallory to stop twirling and walk so she didn't get run over on the sidewalk :)

We were way impressed by some of the house's decorations. One house had a screen up with a projector showing a witch making her brew and casting spells. They win.

We were out for a while but when we got back, it was time to see all the candy. They all got a lot and Mallory was most happy about the fruit snacks (which is good - I'll take the Kit-Kats and Butterfingers)

We got home and Brian and Mallory surveyed all the candy. Between the Fall Festival, School Halloween Party and Halloween night, we are set on candy for a while!

Halloween 2015 is a wrap and it was a lot of fun!

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Lyndsey said...

Hey, that's a good looking family photo y'all got on Halloween night! I'm so glad we got to do so many fun things together again this year!