Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Holly Lake Ranch

A couple of weekends ago, we headed to East Texas so we could stay in a cabin at Holly Lake Ranch  and get away for the night with our Estes family. We left after Mallory's soccer game and headed east. We made a stop at the newest Buc-ee's to us because I had never been so I did make my family take a picture.

Looking at all the candy

I love going back to East Texas - the drive there was so beautiful and it takes me back to where I grew up.

While we were waiting for Brian to check us in, we saw a cute photo op so Mallory and I hopped out for a pic. It was still so hot so shorts and flip-flops with the pumpkins - it's how we do it in Texas!

We got to our cabin and got unpacked. Mallory was so very excited!

These three - the triplets as we call them - were happy to be there together

We headed down to the activity area and Cade and I played some ping-pong. I then had to beat Brian in a game before we headed back

We came back to finish watching the TX/OU game and TX won so Cade and Brian made sure Rob and Caleb heard about it all weekend long. Family love :)

We spent most of the time outside because it was so nice and we enjoyed the scenery.

The guys decided to go fishing and Mallory definitely wanted to join! Brian had bought her a Princess fishing pole the day before and she couldn't wait to use it!

Stephanie and I went on a walk while they went fishing however, they didn't fish for long. Brian sent me this picture below and nobody was fishing because they realized (by security) they were fishing at a part of the lake they weren't allowed to. Only the Estes' will get run off by security.

We all got to see several deer while we were out. I loved seeing them.

We decided to play some putt-putt before dinner. The Estes cousins ready to play!

I told everyone we had to take a family selfie because...

I had one in the same place from the first time I went with Brian and the Estes family in 2008 :) Just glad all of our eyes are open in the one above - ha!

Putt-putt fun

While Mallory and I waited for everyone to finish, we took a couple of pictures and this is one of my all time favorites now

My favorite people

When we got back, Rob grilled the burgers and hot dogs while we all hung outside. Mallory played in the sand and got so very dirty.

We were all talking and I looked over and saw this 

She loves the outdoors for sure!

Brian was thrilled because Stephanie made pumpkin pie - one of his favorites!

We all hung out before bedtime and I included this picture because I wanted to show  you stairs that I completely fell down the next morning.

I was trying to be quiet and I had my socks and completely fell on my bottom and rode it all the way down. I survived and just busted out laughing when I got to the bottom. I left with a sore bottom :) Thankful because I know it could have been worse!

We all relaxed Sunday morning before it was time to leave

And we took some pics before we left

Since we were so close to wear my grandmother lives, we surprised her by stopping by to see her. She was so happy to see us and vice versa. 

The getaway was short and so very sweet! We all loved it!

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