Thursday, November 5, 2015

2015 Homecoming

Mid-October, it was Homecoming week so we were looking forward to going to the Homecoming parade with our friends! 

We got there early (or we thought so but people were already lined up on the road) so the kids played while we waited.

Finally it was time to start so everyone got a seat on the curb

The mommas and the kids!

Mallory only really wanted to see the Stingerettes. They were at the beginning so she waved to them all as they marched by.

I snapped this picture of these friends as the watched the parade together

The parade was pretty long so and the Yellowjackets ended the parade from the firetruck. They all waved goodbye until the parade next year! I love sharing this tradition with friends. 

We didn't go to the Homecoming football game this year because we had been on the go so much during the week but Saturday night, we went over to see Caleb before he headed to the Homecoming Dance.

Brian helped with the tie

Then Rob helped with the tie

Then we all went outside to take pics with Caleb before he left.

Here is a picture of Caleb and Savannah before the dance

Stephanie, Caleb and Rob

I can't believe Caleb is a sophomore and this is his 2nd Homecoming Dance! I'm so glad we got to see him before he went and get to see him experience all the fun high school events!

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