Monday, November 30, 2015

2015 Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2015 was a great day with both of our families! I'm so glad we live close and are able to see both sides of our families on this holiday. Here was our day: 

I got up and got to cooking and while I was cooking, we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Did you know that The Wiz is coming on NBC this week? I say that with sarcasm because I thought they were saying that every 2 minutes during the broadcast. We get the promotion :)

I was so very excited to see my college alma mater's band at the parade and they gave them good air time! Way to go SFA! The only bummer was they said the college is in Austin, TX but I guess Nacogdoches was too hard to figure out how to say!

Mallory loves to help me cook and back so while I made the mashed potatoes and sausage balls, she helped me make the mac and cheese.

After the food was ready, we got ready to head out. I'm so very thankful for this girl and her dad!

Our first stop was to Brian's Aunt and Uncle's house

I ate my good lunch and then downed the chocolate pie - Yummo!

And when you try to take pics with the Estes boys, it turns out like this :)

After leaving Pam and Kam's we headed to my aunt's and uncle's house and these two sweet cousins were so happy to see each other!

And they had to pose for a picture :)

Made it in time for the Cowboys game

We played the game Pie Face and no surprise here, I got it and then my cousin Chris just rubbed it all in!

We missed Greg, Melody, Kiersi and Kayden! I love that we got a good pic of Jensen smiling with Nana and Papa!

Great Grandparents and great grandkids and I'm not quite sure what my child is doing!

We headed back home Thursday evening with a ton of leftovers, full stomachs and most importantly, full hearts! We are so very blessed and am thankful to God everyday for every blessing! 

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Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

Did you know The Wiz is airing on NBC?!?! HAHAHA! Love your sarcasm, Lady. =)

And that's so neat that your college's band was in the parade! What a great Thanksgiving.

Can't wait to see you this weekend!!