Friday, December 11, 2015

Hanging of the Green

Hello friends!! We have made it back from NYC and I'm still trying to play catch up so hopefully this weekend I can work on some NYC blog posts! Until then, you can read Brettni's and Lyndsey's blogs about our amazing trip!

When we planned our trip to NYC, we picked the dates earlier in the year so when we got the church schedule of events, we all saw that we would miss the Hanging of the Green. This is a sweet tradition at our church when the children's choirs sing and the older youth hang the wreaths. Of course we were all bummed that we had already booked our trip for this weekend but we knew, thanks to technology these days, we would still be able to see pics and videos of it all! We were able to go to the dress rehearsal the Wed night before so it was nice to see it all! Brian did a great job in getting photos and videos so as I'm writing this, I feel as if I was there!

Mallory started Choir in September this year and she loves it! This girl loves to sing so it is a perfect fit! She couldn't wait to get on stage and sing - my little performer!

Brian got Mallory all ready and my parents just helped get the costume just right. Here is my angel ready to make her choir debut! The preschool choir were all people from the story of Jesus's birth so Mallory and her friend Katie got to be angels!

Mallory kept telling me who all came to see her at her program. She was so excited they all came!

Performance time! They had to sit a little while the other choir sang

Love our Joseph (Mallory's friend Liam)

Time to stand and sing

Belting it out!

Here is their performance singing "Happy Birthday Jesus"

Picture of all the family who came - but you can't see my Mom :) So grateful they were able to come and see Mallory. 

And here are my loves! 

Love them dearly!!!

Mallory was so thrilled to tell me all about how she sang when I talked to her after the program. Her daddy took her to Leap Frog (what Mallory calls the Yogurt Place, Sweet Frog - ha) since she did such a good job so she couldn't stop talking about that either! I'm so glad the whole performance went well and that Mallory got to sing with her sweet friends about the reason for the season: Jesus!

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