Friday, November 6, 2015

2015 Fun Fest/Pumpkin Patch/Pumpkin Carving

Longest title ever but incorporates all the pumpkin fun we had! A couple of weekends ago, we headed to Fun Fest in the town where my parents live and where Mallory goes to school. My parents live close to downtown so we went to there house and walked to Fun Fest. My mom had Mallory's wagon already to go. She's lives the life! I had also forgotten Mallory's sunglasses so Nana offered hers. Stylin!

I knew they had a little pumpkin patch downtown so I put Mallory in her cute Halloween outfit and told her we would take a couple of pictures there. As soon as we got there, we saw her teachers and she was thrilled!

I love these cute pics we got

Love getting pics with Nana and Papa

Me and my girl

There were many booths set up so we walked through them to see what all there was. Mallory got a balloon and many other goodies

We made it to the Kids Zone and Mallory remembered the ponies from last year and she asked Papa to walk with her again

She rode the train

And jumped in the bounce house and went down the slide

She then got to make a sand creation 

And won a big princess at a game - she held on to her the whole time

We saw the Tooth Fairy towards the end and Mallory kept going up to her to see her. She thought she was the best!

After a fun time, we left Nana and Papa to work their booth and headed back. Mallory was worn out so she just enjoyed the ride back, while holding tight to her new princesses. :)

Keeping along with the pumpkin theme, the last Sunday in October, my 10th grade girls small group got to together for pumpkin carving

Mallory painted her pumpkin while the older girls got going with carving their pumpkins

They were all very serious with the carving

They all turned out so great!

We had the best time with these girls! I love getting to hang out with them and they loved that Mallory came too! Love them all!

And that was all our pumpkin fun!

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