Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday afternoon, I picked up Mallory from school and headed by my parents to get her bag. Mallory showed me the Target Christmas Toy Catalog Nana had let her take home. She showed me all the toys she wanted (one on every page) and I'm pretty sure she's looked at it non-stop since she got it. :)

After a long week, we settled in for some relaxation Friday night and I love Mallory and I's snuggle time! She brought her umbrella to block the lamp light and to give her some shade.

Saturday morning, Brian and Mallory went for their breakfast together. They also got Cade to join them at Chiloso. 

While they were gone, I worked on Project Clean Out Playroom. As Mallory was looking through the toy catalog, we talked about how there were many toys she could give to Helping Hands and some small stuffed animals in good condition that we could put in Operation Christmas Child boxes. By the time they had gotten back from breakfast, I had completely pulled everything out of her playroom and Mallory was so shocked to see the room empty when she got back.

We were able to clean out a lot and give some away. I hope that Mallory understands the importance of giving as she grows.

After enjoying a restful Saturday afternoon, we headed to eat at our favorite place: Texas Roadhouse. Mallory shares Brian and I's love for the rolls and cinnamon butter. 

Sunday morning, it was the coolest it has been in a while so Mallory got to wear some of her new fall/winter clothes. I got this tunic and tights at Old Navy. I loved the whole outfit so I wanted to take some pictures before we left for church. Love her!

After church, we went to ride the bus. Brian has been driving the church bus and giving rides to people in their cars who park far away so Mallory loves getting to ride after church!

Sunday afternoon, we headed to my some land by my brother and sister-in-law's for some family pictures. My parent's 40th wedding anniversary is next month and we decided earlier this year that we would get them professional family pictures since we have never taken formal ones. We take some together at holidays but it was nice to have a professional take them. We were able to get a big family photo and individual family photos. The photos with my parents and their grandkids, I think, turned out the best. I cannot wait to see them all. Here is original Bradley Five.

I loved where we were able to take the pictures and of course was glad to get some pics of our sweet little family!

And that's a wrap!

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Lyndsey said...

AMANDA! I love, love, love your pictures outfit!!!! You look so fab! And now I'm craving rolls and butter from Roadhouse! :)