Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Favorites & First Day of Preschool

Happy Friday! Linking up to share my Friday Favorites this week!


Tuesday, Mallory started Preschool! Her last first day of Preschool! She told me she was excited to work on her letters and numbers again. 

Three years of First Day pics

We get to see what she worked on each day in her folder so she's always happy to show me that in her backpack! We are excited for another great year!


On top of the football and soccer games this past weekend, we had some other fun on top of it. We got to celebrate Lydia's first birthday!

I can't believe she is 1! Everything looked great and we had a great time celebrating her! Mallory of course loved being in the middle of all of her friends and putting on Layla and Ella's dress-up clothes

Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl! 


Sunday evening, the guys came to our house for their Fantasy Football Draft. They needed another person to have enough for the draft, so I did the auto draft but am secretly hoping I'm able to beat them all :)


Last night, we got to cheer Caleb on at his first home football game! He played well but they lost on the very last play of the game. Good job #14!

Mallory had fun until the Yellowjacket mascot got too close. Then she had to have someone hold her because she is scared to death of it! Thankfully Mrs. Kristen was close to hold her

Mallory yelled "Go Caleb" towards the end of the game, he heard her and smiled at her from the field. She was thrilled and kept telling me that "Caleb smiled at her!"  Love their sweet relationship!


It's always interesting to see what verses pop out at me even though I've read them before. I read this last weekend and have been repeating it often. Simple directions to help us through each day.

And now the three day weekend is upon us! Have a good one!


Lyndsey said...

Love that verse! What a fun week it was -- here's to another great one!

The Calhoun Clique said...

Thanks for coming to Lydia's party!! Had a blast celebrating with my favorite friends!