Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

Happy Tuesday friends! We had many things planned for Labor Day weekend and we enjoyed the time with family and friends as well as the rest time! Here is what we were up to:

Friday night, Brian went to the Yellowjacket football game. While he was there, Mallory and I hung out and relaxed all evening. It was great and since Brian would be in late, Mallory was just more excited than anything to get to fall asleep with me in our bed. Before she came to bed, she had to get her My Little Pony: Rainbow Dash so it could lay with her. She again reminded me to call her Elsa Rainbow Dash so we will see if that's what she will still want to be called when she starts Kindergarten next year!

Saturday morning, we headed to celebrate Brian's cousin's son's Josiah's 3rd birthday! It was a Dump Truck theme and Stephanie did a great job with all the decorations. Each kid got an apron from Home Depot with their name on it and Mallory got a tape measure in her gift bag. She always likes to use Brian's so she was thrilled to have her own! It was such a fun time!

After the party, I'm pretty sure we stopped and every store in town. We needed something from a lot of stores so we ran all of our errands so when we got home, we would be home for the rest of the day. I'm just thankful we can get what we need all in our town!

When we got home, it was rest and relax time! Mallory now always wants to build tents/forts all around the house and Saturday afternoon was no different. If you are looking for her, you will probably find her in a tent that she has made. I love her creativity as she's putting them together!

Brian and I enjoyed watching college football the rest of the day! We were both so happy it was back on. Brian is a UT Longhorn fan and even though they didn't fair well against Notre Dame, we were just still happy it was back on TV. We were going back and forth through many games and I came to the conclusion that football is one of our love languages - ha! 

Sunday morning, we headed to see our nephew, Jensen, be dedicated at my brother and sister-in-law's church. All the cousins were dressed up so we had to get a picture and I'm so glad we did! I love it!

The dedication time was great and I'm so glad we were there to be apart of this special day!

After the church service, we headed to Ryan and Kate's house to celebrate Eva's 4th birthday! She had a Barbie themed party and it was wonderful! This sweet girl got so many fun presents and it was great to celebrate her!

Labor Day morning, we got up and took it easy. Mallory saw the vacuum sitting out so she decided she needed to vacuum the living room in her robe and heels! I had to capture this moment! I love her!

And yes, I'm ready to usher in Falls so I figured if I put Fall decorations out, it may help it get here sooner! It's supposed to only be a high in the 80's this week so that is a start! 

I went in to work for a bit since we had a lot of work coming in over the long weekend so Mallory went up to the office with me! She always wants to go with me so it was a win/win for both of us. She kept telling me that she loved my work! I loved having her with me.

Monday afternoon, our friends, Shane, Lauren and their baby girl, Genevieve, came over for a visit. We hadn't had just a time a to hang out in a long time so it was great to see them and enjoyed the company. Mallory was thrilled to hold Genevieve and Genevieve liked it for a minute and then was done! 

And now we are back to regular scheduled programming. We loved the extra long weekend and are blessed to get back to work and school that we enjoy. Have a great week!

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