Monday, August 17, 2015

August Activities

We are halfway through August already and this is what we've been up to so far this month (besides trying to stay cool from the 100 degree temps!)

Once we received Mallory's preschool school supply list, we headed to get all we needed. Thankfully they don't require much but as I was watching Mallory get her materials, I had the sad moment thinking next year, we will be picking up school supplies for Kindergarten - insert ugly cry here. I am really excited for her next year but we won't rush it and enjoy the last year of preschool at Mrs. Janet's.

When we have been outside, it's been early in the morning or in the evening so it wasn't as hot. Mallory's been loving her scooter so one Saturday I enjoyed my view of watching her ride around. 

I came home one day and Brian told Mallory to show me what happened. She pointed to her lip and said she was shaving her mustache like Daddy! Yikes! And while she was, she cut her lip and hopefully has learned not to do that again! Crazy girl!

My grandmother was in 2 weekends ago and we always try to see her when she is at my aunt's. Her birthday was Saturday and turned 85! I always love getting pictures of Mallory with her and this was was so sweet of her and Eva giving Mamaw a big hug!

At Mallory's daycare, Mrs. Janet rented a big blow up slide and all the kids loved it! They posted this picture of Mallory going down it. She loved it even though her face is focused going down the slide :)

One weeknight after work, we headed to the driving range for some family fun. We had it mostly to ourselves so Mallory loved being able to run around and Brian and I worked on our golf games (or I just mainly tried to make contact with the golf ball). Brian showed Mallory how to hit the ball. Got to get her on the LPGA!

I took a couple of days off work to enjoy sometime before our busy end of summer/fall activities start. We had a family day and went to Shenaniganz for some bowling and fun. I love enjoying these fun times together!

Mallory always had to carry her ball and wouldn't let anyone to help!

She used the kid's helper to help her bowl but then she decided she didn't need it.

After she would bowl each time, she would dance because what is bowling without dancing??

We really had a fun time together and Brian was happy to play Deal or No Deal in the arcade area to win some tickets!

I saw that our friends, The Moore's, were having a garage sale - they have two daughters - so I made sure to head over b/c I knew they would have some cute girls stuff . I was right! Mallory likes My Little Pony (especially Rainbow Dash) now and wanted one at Shenaniganz but of course was 2100 tickets (we had 200) so we didn't get it but Holly had one for $2 at the garage sale! Score!

I also picked up a pink bean bag and a Cinderella lap mat for Mallory and as you can below - she loved it all! 

This past weekend, we showered my friend Regan with so many cute little girl things! She and her husband Shey are adopting a little girl, Stella, from Asia and we are so excited for them! 

Yesterday, it has been 7 years since Brian flew to Tampa, FL to propose to me. While at the shower on Saturday, I loved chatting with Shannon about how great it is that we have our blog and that they share so much our lives! I started blogging a couple of months before Brian and I got engaged so it is so fun to have our engagement, marriage, birth of daughter and everything since 2008 here as my online scrapbook. I might not blog as much as I used to but when I do, I'm always glad I do to have these posts to look back on - such as our engagement story! We took this picture before we got engaged - so young :)

Fast forward 7 years later and we celebrated our engagement-versary by enjoying Pizza with our little girl!

Finally, Mallory has now requested we call her Elsa Rainbow Dash so she has officially changed her name :) She cracks me up!

Tonight, will be our first soccer practice so I plan on blogging more about that. We are also so ready for some Yellowjacket football and to cheer our nephews on at their games! Let the fun begin!

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The Killough's said...

Let me know when Mallory's, I mean Elsa Rainbow Dash, soccer games are! I would love to come see her play!!!