Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First Soccer Practice

It seems like we've been talking about Mallory playing soccer for so long now but it is finally here and soccer season has started! As you can tell, The Estes Family loves all things sports and even though I didn't play soccer, I'm so excited for Mallory to begin playing on a team sport!  Brian is coaching the team so it is a family event!

To gear up for the season, Mallory needed the right equipment so Brian took her shopping! They found some good soccer shoes and Mallory loved them!

After getting other essentials we were ready!

Monday night we had our first soccer practice and we were all ready!

We are even more excited that her friend Katie is on the team as well.

Their team name is The Princesses! Mallory thought some princesses were coming -ha - and one of the girls heard their mom say the coach will be there and she though she meant Cinderella's coach was coming! I love these little girls and their thoughts!!

These girls were ready to play and thankfully Brian and Justin were happy to coach (or play little girl round up)

It was fun to watch them play, then run over for a drink, then play, then take a break to kick the ball, then play - back and forth! They all did really well in playing and then you had the moments like my child not happy because she didn't have the red soccer ball. Being 4 is hard.

Mallory was not interested in most of the practice - just being with all her friends and hanging out - so we will see how next week goes! Brian had a great time coaching and I loved meeting all the other moms and all their sweet girls! We all had a good time watching and cheering them on!

So, the first of many practices is complete and we are really looking forward to the season! Stay tuned to see how this goes :)

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Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

Cinderella's Coach. BAHAHAHAHAH! I'm so happy to see Katie and Mallory playing together. =)