Monday, June 29, 2015

June Birthday Celebrations

I realized that we had some birthday parties to attend in June but I didn't realize until a week in that we had one every weekend. We were excited though because we love celebrating all of our friends and family so we partied every weekend with the birthday people!

The first weekend in June, we celebrated Kinsley turning 3! Kinsley used to go to school with Mallory but she moved last year and Mallory misses seeing her so much. Thankfully, Jill comes back most every weekend for work so we still get to see them a good amount! 

Kinsley's party was held at Big Sky Event Hall where Jill is an Event Coordinator and she did a great job decorating!

Fun with the hula hoops

Everybody had to be close by while Kinsley opened her presents

Singing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl! She was so excited to be three and kept telling everyone how old she was! We loved getting to be there and celebrate her!

The second weekend in June we celebrated Brooke turning one! We love the Ballard family so much and Mallory was so looking forward to going to Katie Ryan's house to celebrate her baby sister, Brooke!

This girl loved her cake!

I didn't get any pictures of the presents but she got some great toys and cute clothes! So grateful for The Ballards and their friendship! We are so glad we get to watch this sweet girl grow!

The third weekend of June, we headed to Wichita Falls to celebrate Owen's first birthday! I put more pics in my last post since we went on Father's Day weekend. We had a great road trip and so much fun getting to see our friends that are family to us!

The last weekend in June, we celebrated Brian's cousin's daughter's first birthday! Hailey is so cute and they held her party at the same place Brian and I held our wedding  reception. I was looking forward to going back since we haven't been back in 6 years. We kept telling Mallory that this is where we had our wedding reception and she kept asking "Why???"

Her beautiful cake

They had a clown there making all kinds of different things with balloons. Mallory did not want to get close to her (which I don't blame her) so she stayed far away. The clown was very nice and made a big one for her even though she wouldn't get close.

Towards the end of the party, Mallory was able to tell the clown thank you for her new large balloon creation

There was also a face painter there and Mallory requested a rainbow butterfly and that's exactly what she got. And they did a great job of the colors matching her dress! Mallory loved it!

And, as always, Mallory was very happy to Grammy!

What a fun month of celebrating our friends and family! We are ready to celebrate more in July and the rest of the year!! 

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