Monday, June 22, 2015

2015 Father's Day Weekend

Saturday, we got up bright and early to head on a 3 hour road trip to Wichita Falls for Owen's (Julie's son) 1st birthday party. Julie is my childhood BFF and I love that we still get together to celebrate the big moments in our families' lives. Here we are all ready to go:

Owen's party was at a park and was baseball themed. All the decorations were great. So thankful for my friend

Owen LOVED his cake. He didn't even use his hands in the beginning, just leaned in and took a big bite!

After the party, we headed back to Aaron and Julie's house and had lunch.. Mallory was so happy to play with Kinsley and Emmalyn.

Love these sisters and their families so much. We've grown up together and have always been close and I hope we always continue to be!

After leaving Wichita Falls, we headed back to go to my brother's house but before, we stopped by Cabela's - Brian's choice. I know he was happy to get to go there - especially Father's Day weekend.

I was able to get the sweetest shot of these two!

Brian was happy to show Mallory his favorite store. While we were walking through the store, Mallory saw the ducks and told Brian "There are the ducks that you shoot and hurt really bad" - Ha - she knows of her Daddy's love of duck hunting

Mallory loved the aquarium so much and waved at the fish because she would see them looking at her. We had to keep coming back to see all the fish

After leaving Cabela's we headed to Ryan and Kate's house to celebrate my Dad for Father's Day. I love this man so much!

When Mallory signs her name on cards, she writes each letter very large so her name goes up the side of the card. This is my dad trying to read her name :)

Papa and three of his grandkids - we missed Greg, Melody, Kiersi and Kayden!

I'm always happy to get a family picture if we can! We had a good time being with our family and then headed home to crash after the long busy day!

Sunday morning, we got up and gave Brian his Father's Day card.

All that we had planned for Sunday was church and rest and that is exactly what we did!

I love these two so much and Mallory and I are so grateful for him and all he does for us! He is such a great husband and Father!

And we rested and that was our weekend. Loved being with my family and friends as always!

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Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

Happy Father's Day, Dappy Brian! And he likes Cabela's over Bass Pro?!