Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: May 1-3, 2015

Happy Monday! We had absolutely nothing planned this past weekend and we enjoyed it! It was such a beautiful weekend! Our next couple of weekends are full of fun things so it was nice to have a low key weekend. 

I had to include this picture from Thursday night. We were watching the NFL Draft and Mallory had to put her Texas Longhorns blanket on as a dress ... and then pose. 

Friday night, I cleaned inside the house and Brian mowed the yard. After we were both done, Brian was blowing the grass off of the driveway with his blower and Mallory kept asking Brian to blow her hair. Every time he did, she just laughed and laughed. I loved it!

And then I got this shot as she was lounging the back of Brian's truck

Saturday morning, we were up early doing our errands and then we relaxed Saturday afternoon. My mom called and asked if wanted to go to dinner with my brothers, their families and my grandmother and we said of course! I love that we all live close enough to have impromptu dinners together. We went to our favorite, Texas Roadhouse and we usually don't play the games while waiting but Brian and Mallory did this time. He won her a ball out of the toy machine and then they played Galaga together. I love Brian's focus and Mallory cheering him on.

We got together to see my grandmother and to celebrate our niece, Kiersi's 9th birthday! I can't believe she is 9! She got to sit on the saddle and got a nice birthday dessert!

How did she grow up so fast?

Love her!

Back to dinner, I loved getting to sit and talk to my grandmother. She looked great and I am glad we got to see her!

Sunday was another beautiful day and we enjoyed the afternoon outside. I posted the below picture on Instagram saying I didn't know where she got the peace sign from and she holds it up in all her pictures now. One of Mallory's teachers, Kaylie, commented and said she does it all the time and I should have known because Mallory loves Ms. Kaylie and will copy anything she does. 

My cousin Chris gave us a sprinkler in the shape of a gecko that Mallory's been begging to play in so we finally got it out since it was warm enough. I laughed because the swimsuit she has on is a 2T (she wears 4T) and still fit ok. I need to buy her a new one for this season but haven't gotten to it yet so she put on what we had. 

At first, she stayed far away and then I convince her to jump it and she did. 

We then moved it over to the slide so she could have a water slide. It was so much fun!

After playing in the backyard, we headed out to the front yard and saw our neighbors and their daughter, Wylie. Mallory always asks if Wylie is outside so she can play with her so she was so excited she was outside too yesterday. Wylie came over and played and they both enjoyed Popsicles on this Spring day!

After a bath and dinner, we rested on the couch and this girl was out by 7:30pm. This never happens.She played so hard and then crashed.

And that's a wrap! Hope you have a wonderful week!

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