Friday, May 1, 2015

Hey May!

Happy May Day! Not sure what we are celebrating but May Day is fun to say! I know I was a blog slacker in April but I honestly don't get on my computer much, if at all, when I get home from work since I'm on it all day so hence the lack of blogging - but at least I got one up today! I'll try to do better :)

So here is all that went on in April:

There was a lot posing

Brian and I celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary on April 4th 

One Friday night, we had my 9th grade small group girls over and it was so much fun! Mallory laid all of their mats out and they happily laid on them and watched Little Mermaid 2 - their choice

And then we moved into the playroom where the box of all dress-up clothes and jewelry were all put on :) We all had a wonderful time!

We spent time outside when it wasn't raining. Mallory picked all the dandelions one Saturday before Brian mowed them over

She loves drawing rainbows so we have many rainbows drawn on our driveway

Relaxing in the back of my car while Brian works. We were giving moral support :)

We rented Big Hero 6 and had family movie night

We went to the Stingerette Spring Show to cheer on our friends Claire, Sarah and Brooke. Mallory loved all of the dances!

We went my friend Lauren's baby shower. Genevieve came before Lauren even had a shower so she was able to get a lot of things she needed. Of course Mallory had to be front and center to "help"

I brought out all of my old Barbies and Barbie clothes and Mallory was thrilled. She couldn't wait to open it all and she's been playing with them all ever since. I'm so glad my mom kept them and love that Mallory enjoys playing with them so much! My poor Barbies' hair all needs some help though :/

Mallory has been learning her letters at school and I was so proud of her when she wrote her name the other day on her chalkboard. She will spell it out loud all the time but this was the first time she wrote it out.

And back to more posing and walking around in Momma's high heels :)

April is a wrap and May is here....and my baby turns 4 this month. Sigh.

Have a great weekend!

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Lyndsey said...

Ok, I want to tag along to the spring show next year with Liesl! It looks like fun!

Good job to Mallory for writing her name! One more big girl milestone checked off the list as she heads into FOUR! (Wahhh!)