Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mallory's Spring Dance Show

 Tuesday evening was Mallory's Spring Dance Show! We were really excited to see all that she's learned in her dance class since she wouldn't show us when we would ask at home. Her teacher, Kristen (a former Dallas Mavericks dancer), is a former co-worker of mine and I was so glad when she decided to teach dance and offered a class at Mallory's school so every Tuesday this Spring, Mallory's been taking Dance class with her friends at school.

I picked her up from school and we ran to Nana and Papa's house to get ready. I had to take a couple of pictures before we headed out.

And because there is always a pose

I honestly didn't know if Mallory would want to get on stage and perform. You never know what she is going to decide to do but we were pleasantly surprised that she did all of the dances. I think being up on the stage with her friends helped. 

They started out showing all their ballet moves

They showed their leg kicks

They showed their jumps

And then came the dances. Enjoy :)

Mrs. Kristen gave all of the girls flowers for the great job they did!

Mrs. Kristen with her dance class.

We had a great time cheering her on and we are grateful for her fan club that came too!

Grammy and Kate

Nana. Papa had a City Council meeting so he couldn't come but we missed him!

Grandma Marsha

Caleb, Savannah, Auntie and Cade

Brian bought some roses to give to her after the show

Mallory loved them!! Love these two so much!

So proud of our girl!

So thankful for Mrs. Kristen. Mallory loves her!

It was a wonderful evening seeing all these girls show off what they've learned! I love watching Mallory learn new things and having a great time while doing it!

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Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

Loved it so much!! Even when she gave up on the streamer routine! Great Job, Mallory!!!