Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mallory's Interview - 4 Years Old

I wanted to interview Mallory again because I loved having the video from last year. You never know what this girl is going to say so she answered a couple of questions for me again. I just love having this too because I love her little voice!

What is your name? Mallory Estes

How old are you? Four

Where do you live? Texas

Who is your best friend? Camden Crumpton (friend from school)

What's your favorite color? Pink and Purple

What is your favorite book? Musketeers (Mickey Mouse's The Three Musketeers)

What is your favorite TV Show? Barbies (A show she just saw on Netflix)

What is your favorite toy? Despicable Me and Princesses

Who is your favorite princess? All of them

What's your favorite food? Chips

What do you want to be when you grow up? A princess and I want to be Elsa too

What can you do now that you are four? I'm going to play soccer
(as you can tell - she wants to play soccer Today - she just has to wait until the Fall)

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