Monday, June 1, 2015

Happenings in May

Happy June 1st! Summer is coming but I wanted to write down other happenings that happened in May.

My dad was sworn into be on his town's City Council. Brian, Mallory and I went to watch him be sworn in and start his new role! We are all so excited for him!  He's retired from teaching/coaching so we are all glad he's getting to do something new!

My wonderful parents!

My dad and two other council members being sworn in

Also, we also got to see Mrs. Janet be sworn in as Mayor! Mallory has been going to Mrs. Janet's school for almost 4 years now and she loves her so much! I'm so grateful for Janet and her staff and we were so thrilled to see her get to take her new position.

We celebrated our nieces, Kayden (8) and Kiersi's (9) birthdays in May. These two are growing up so fast! We had fun getting to celebrate them!

We got to watch some football!!! As you know, we love football and especially cheering our nephews on! We watched the Spring football game and cheered for our favorite player, Caleb! Is it Friday night football yet?

It rained some in May. And my some, I mean a lot so I had to throw this pic in here just to document the wettest May on record in TX

Memorial Day weekend, Brian and I tackled cleaning/de-cluttering our home. We worked together and got a lot done. Helping Hands got a lot of good things and we got a cleaner, more organized house. Hopefully we can keep it that way. One day we just tackled the garage and we had a good time getting things organized. I joked that we could just get rid of all of Brian's stuff and call it a day but he didn't go for it.

Brian's mother was unable to make to Mallory's birthday party so one night she came over and gave Mallory an Elsa dress from her and Gran. Mallory loves it and requests to wear it all the time.

In May, I ordered some books in hopes to keep reading more. I've finished Let Hope In and Keep it Shut (Brian asked if I got that book for him - ha) and both were great. I'm looking forward to reading the other two books in the picture below. 

The rain finally let up and we got to play outside this weekend. This is the outfit my child chose to wear. Because winter boots were needed I guess

And as always right now, there was posing

May was such a fun month of celebrations and and we are thankful for it all!

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Lyndsey said...

Phew! May kept y'all busy! How funny that y'all cleaned out your garage -- we did the same thing. Should we get a bet going on who's stays organized the longest?! (We will lose) :)

Happy June! Ready for a fun month full of sunshine!