Friday, May 22, 2015

Mallory's 4th BirthDAY

Mallory woke up on her birthday bright and early asking if it was time for pancakes. I told her I would start on them soon and that she was officially 4. She was so excited that she was finally 4 years old! Once the pancakes were made, we put the candles on there for her to blow out on top of the pancake snack. I got one good pic

And then this happened. She did not want Brian and I to sing Happy Birthday to her at all. She kept saying she didn't want to celebrate her birthday. What child says that? Ours. So this is how the morning went. We are such horrible parents!

Once we made it through breakfast, we headed to pick up Mallory's friend Katie. We told her she could invite a friend to go to Legoland with her and she asked if Katie Ryan could go. She was so thrilled when we picked her up and the four of us headed to Legoland

It was pretty chilly and rainy on her birthday so I'm glad we chose something to do inside

Once we got in, the fun began. These two love Legos so they went from Lego station to Lego station

We had to stay in the Princess Palace for a while, of course

We watched the 4D movie and we all enjoyed it! 

Next, they got to drive the cars. They lined up to get instructions and off they went

We rode the other rides they had there. This one you got to pedal to go high. Katie and I rode together while Brian and Mallory rode together. We all liked the rides!

We finished up looking at the Lego creations

and some more fun with the Legos

We picked up some new Legos at the store and then headed for lunch

We ate at the Rainforest Cafe with these cuties!

One last stop for a cookie for dessert

I think these two had a great time!!

On her birthday evening, we made cupcakes. She had requested pink cupcakes and purple frosting so that is what we made!

Sprinkles definitely had to be added

Our big girl is officially 4 and we had a great day celebrating with her!


Josh and Shan said...

Oh Mal, throwing deuces!

Callie Nicole said...

What a fun birthday! I can't believe we have FOUR year olds!

Lyndsey said...

I was cracking up at Mallory's peace sign during the movie and then I got to the end and realized who she gets it from! Priceless! I'm glad she had a fun day (minus the pancake drama, lol)!