Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday Mallory!

Mallory Anne Estes, you are 4 Years Old Today! I say it every year but I can't believe how fast you've grown and here we are celebrating you turning 4! 

You weigh 36 lbs and are 39 inches tall.

You are into all things Frozen, Disney Princess and Legos right now. Elsa is your favorite and you love building all things with your Legos.

You love to eat strawberries more than anything. You love going to Chick A Lay (Chick-Fil-A) and Donalds (McDonalds) to get a kid's meal. You always like to be my helper in the kitchen and are always asking questions. You will ask Why a hundred times until you get an answer you are satisfied with.

You have the most beautiful smile and have the most contagious laugh. Everybody always says how much they love your smile and I couldn't agree more!

You've been so looking forward to turning four so you can start playing soccer in the Fall. You keep telling me that you are a big girl now. 

Some Malloryisms:

"Daddy, listen to me!"

"Momma, you did a good job!"

"It's ok Sweetie"

"I grew up on a school bus"

"Momma, you are my best friend"

"Momma, you are not my best friend" 
(Usually said after she has been disciplined)

"Whew, I had a long day"

"Thank you for being mean to me"

Me: "Mallory, you have 5 minutes"
Mallory: "No, 4!"

"I love you alligator"

"Katie Ryan is going to marry Ethan and I'm going to marry Liam"

"Jesus lives in our hearts and has holes in his hands" "He is Awive"

You are a bit dramatic to say the least. You are either very happy or very upset. You definitely know how to throw a fit and throw it well. Every picture has to be posed as seen below during the photo shoot

Mallory Anne, We love you so much sweet girl! 
Happy 4th Birthday!

Photo credit: Joyful Photography


Josh and Shan said...

Happy Birthday Mal!

Kati said...

Happy Birthday Mallory! We love you and your sweet 4 year old self!

The Killough's said...

Happy Birthday Mallory!!! I love these pictures!!

Drew Watts said...

Mallory is so pretty and cute as well. Happy birthday sweetheart. I just loved every picture of Mallory. You know my daughter turned 6 last week, and we had celebrated her birthday at venue NYC. We had invited all her friends, and everyone enjoyed her birthday.