Monday, April 27, 2015

Wildflower Trails 2015

Saturday morning, Brian, Mallory and I headed out to East Texas. Where I grew up, there was an annual festival called Wildflower Trails that always happens the last weekend of April. I remember looking forward to it every year! We would ride the rides and eat all the carnival food. I can't remember the last time I've been so I was really looking forward to taking Brian and Mallory to experience it for the first time. Brian didn't know what to expect and Mallory was looking forward to the carnival rides so we headed off for our day trip to my hometown.

We got there a little before lunch and first, found my parents who had come a little earlier in the day and we headed straight to buy tickets for rides. and then to the carousel.

Mallory had the biggest smile on her face the whole time!

Next up, Mallory wanted to "drive" the cars

Our next stop was the big fun slide. Mallory wanted to go down with me so we trekked up to the top and really had a fun time riding down! I do love this picture my mom took because we were both have a great time!

I did convince Brian to ride the Sizzler with me. Not sure if he will ever ride another ride with me again but I had fun! 

One of the things about Wildflower Trails is, it presents a great time for people from out of town to come and see a lot of old friends. I certainly was looking forward to seeing a lot of my friends and while we were there, we went to the church that I grew up for my Mom's luncheon. My mom's former Sunday School teacher, Penny, has been teaching for years and she had a little reunion with all of the people who have been in her class over the years. I'm so glad Mom was able to go and Mallory and I went with her to see a lot of our favorite people.

Mom and Mrs. Penny 

All of the ladies from Mrs. Penny's class that were able to come. Some of these ladies mean so much to me and are people that I looked up to growing up. It was so great to see them

I was thrilled to see one of my mentors, Gina - Penny's daughter. Love her!

We had a great time visiting with everyone

After the luncheon, Mallory and I headed back to meet up with Dad and Brian to eat some corn dogs. We didn't eat anything at the luncheon because we knew we would be enjoying some great Corn Dog 7 corn dongs while we were at the carnival. Definitely a Wildflower Trails tradition. Corn Dog 7 is run by our friends, The McKinneys and they are always at Canton for First Monday and many other carnivals. 

She ate most of that big corn dog!

After refueling, we headed out for a couple of more rides. We saw the Ferris Wheel but we didn't ride it this year - maybe next time!

Mallory wasn't tall enough to ride a lot of rides alone so I got to enjoy many of them with her

And at the end, Brian got to enjoy the slide with Mallory too!

It had gotten pretty warm by the afternoon so we headed out to Joyce's for some rest and to catch-up with her. Mallory only wanted to swing and to go see "her" pond.

Love all these three ladies!

Papa and Mallory on the deck at Joyce's pond

We hung out for a while and I love this picture of Mallory playing on the walkway to Joyce's door because I always played there growing up too.

Saturday afternoon, Mallory rode back with Mom and Dad while Brian and I headed to my 15 year reunion. Yes, 15 years. Can't believe that since I'm still 25 :) One of my best friends growing up, Melissa (and Mallory's dentist), and I are in the pic below and Brian and Brad (Melissa's husband) sat by each other to chat since they didn't really know anyone else. I'm so thankful for Melissa and her friendship over these years and I"m so glad we've stayed close.

Me and my friend Amy

Me, Melissa, Amy and Randy

And here we are. We had 65 in our graduating class and about 75% still live in town but there was a bad storm Friday night and many of my friends still didn't have electricity and a ton of trees down all around town so I know a lot of them were dealing with that. It was great to see who came though!

And I was happy to have this man with me the whole time!

We thought Mallory would fall asleep on the way home with Mom and Dad but Mom said she did not stop talking and singing the whole way home and she was wide awake when got back home Saturday night to pick her up. Ha!

It was a wonderful day trip with my family to see some great old friends. We will see if Brian agrees to go again next year! :)

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